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Targa Tasmania 2006


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Hi all, just intersested to see who's going to Targa this year and in what capacity? I was there last year as a nav and didn't meet anyone from the forum!

Since motorsport types are some of the best people you can meet, (excepting drag racers generally) I think it'd be cool to meet people into tarmac rallying and!! Skylines! Should be plenty to talk about....

We might even be able to get some ideas together to make it a little cheaper for competitors? eg. car carrying, service etc.....

So how about it, if you're going, whether as driver, crew, spectator, whatever, post it and we should try to catch up. :D

How about this format?

Car # -

Driver name -

Co-Driver name -

Vehicle type -

Targa history -

General comments -

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I'll kick it off.

Car # - 925

Driver name - Jason Appleton

Co-Driver name - Ben Wooster

Vehicle type - R34 GTR

Targa history - 2005 Targa Tas, 2004 East Coast Targa

General comments - We'd do a lot more if the budget allowed!

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Hey good luck Marlin!

Both Mark and myself had entered for next year but it looks like neither of us will be there now :D I was along helping out last year and had a great time, and Mark went OK, 3rd in class from memory. Lots of skylines crashed out on the last day last year it was pretty bad conditions.

Were you in a GTR last year? I only remember 2 R34s, the whites and beale

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Hey Duncan,

Sorry to hear you're not going. Are you getting a refund? What's happened? Was Mark in the grey 32 GTS-t that I heard had a head gasket issue last year? I heard those guys went through hell and back!

We were stoked with how we went last year. 1st in class (showroom to 60G? I think?) and 1st in category (showroom outright) included Porsche GT2 (a real buzz passing him on Queenstown!

We ran a bog stock little bug-eye Sti...AWESOME brakes, NO power! We wanted to go into showroom class again this year, but couldn't land an Evo IX (our preference) until April, so decided to go with a 34, and have to run in limited modified spec. Can't say I'm too dissapointed to be running the 34 though, it's gorgeous! We're stripping it this weekend to do the cage 'cause she's a stocker at the moment.

I hope something changes so you can go!


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Sadly nope I am out....blown motor and a new house means no chance for this year. But I will 100% be back next year

The Mark I was down there supporting was in 826, they went pretty well apart from the absolutely hilarious moment of doing a burnout after the last time point and breaking a driveshaft....and having to push it to the finish at teh casino because I thought they were pulling my leg.

The guy with the head gasket problem is on here as well, "Targa Tom" he did have a tough time last year! In fact I think he has defected to an Evo this year :)

Good to hear you have upgraded from a WRX though :D Keep us posted on how you go!

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I'll be about as usual.

On the course in Safety 009. Last year we have a cumfy new Maxima - leather, sun roof, daul a/c. It had a nasty vibration at 3000 and the rear walked around a bit in the wet!

By the end of the event my GTR had alsorts of bits 'borrowed' off it!

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Hey Whenny19, good to see mate! What car number? Make sure we say g'day, our crew Chris and Aaron are always up for a bit of mischief! Gee it's getting close now...........

Cheers, Ben.

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heres a photo from mt arrowsmith last year


I'l be driving my GTS-t for the 2nd time as the official camera car, it's fun. They pay for everything and you get to have a fang on the stages and pass old cars!! You may remember, the cameraman getting cleaned up by Walker's R32 GTR last year?? I was standing right next to him, yuk!! He was my man!!

My GTS-t was the first ever accepted into targa in `97 and won it's class 4 times from 5 starts

I started this job last year after navigating 8 straight Targa's with a best 4th place outright in `03, riding shotgun in a VW Turbo. (Porsche). Garwood and I had a huge crash on Gunns Plains in `04 whilst leading outright, breaking my neck in two literally and ending my Targa career.

So in doing the camera car thing has kept me involved and my knowledge of course has helped Southern Cross to cover the event better.

I had a ball last year and would love to catch up with any Nissan nuts. Just come up to car 800. I live in Hobart so would be happy to show you all where to get a decent feed and a drink or seven!!

Car # - 800

Driver name - Mark Perry

Co-Driver name - Tim Williams

Vehicle type - R32 GTS-t

Targa history - 1997-2004 Targa Tas, 1998-2004 Rally Tas

4th outright- 03, 5th outright- 02. 5 class wins, golden targa trophy. 3rd outright Rally Tas- 03 & 04

General comments - I love Targa!!

Cheers and see you all there!


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We won't be!

After 3 years in the Bunnings Warehouse Skyline, we won't be doing the TT this year. May I say thanks to all the SAU members who have taken the time to say hi in years gone by... gjm will be running a car this year with Bunnings decals - and all the give aways - but I have been relegated to Service Crew. Unfortunately the service car isn't even a Datsun, but it is a wed wun bloke.

Our next event will be Rally Burnie and from there we go to Targa NZ... Hope you all have a safe enjoyable event, and if you see the Bunnings Logo on a red 4WD Valiant, come over and say Hi

Thanks to Skyd for your help and support over the last three years. Thanks also to SAU for the invaluable database of information.



Edited by Targa Tom
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You traitor Targa Tom...after kicking arse and getting that bucket of bolts up to 13/106 OUTRIGHT on day 1 - I thought you would be moving up to a 34 GTR or like.....but a "valiant"...shame on you (ha ha).

I also will not be in TT06 this year either. Throwing all at my other circuit 32GTS - and having a ball in the "no rules...but at least I'm racing" Targa class down here in Tassie. Got to hand it to Mark...the whole concept of group racing has been a huge success. It's really refreshing to be racing rather than politicing, especially after having good stints in HQ's and IP over the years.

My 32 GTS is wrapped up in the shed after an engine freshen up.....ready to go. It is for sale though ($18,000 will get anyone out there an immaculate car, fully set up for tarmac events) but if I still got it next year will be going to L3 mods hopefully giving it another 60rwkw - then it will be FUN!!

MARLIN (and any other SAU Targa/racing nuts)...when down here make yourself know to me - I've got the steak restaurant in L'ton (sorry SAU about the free plug). If you need a hand with any thing, I'll be glad to help.

Targa Tom....I think I had Nicole's?? brother at the restaurant on Sat night.....he had a big smile on his face....apparently "testing" the Val around Tassie.

And I'll bet you'll miss these crazy but dedicated " NISSAN NUTTERS" that have been on the start of the famouse Hellyer Gorge each year.

Hope to catch up with you soon


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heres a photo from mt arrowsmith last year

hey WHENNY19 - is iain's brother andrew's makinen going to make it to targa this year?? it seems to have been taken off the entry list.

Edited by r171
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hahaha those guys are a crack up we caught up with them a few times last year. the bloke has done some rallying back in jp and was saying he was trying to compete this year...who knows maybe you will sharing the road with him

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