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Crash On South East Freeway


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Just drove into Kangaroo Point at 11pm. On the way to Kangaroo Point on the south east freeway i saw a smash on the inside curb just before the exit to Southbank. A skyline looked like its tryed to cross the median strip up the hill and ploughed straight into the concrete barrier and rolled back on the way down.

Windscreen and roof were shattered, car looks like its rolled over partially and the front of the car was smashed from coming into contact with concrete barrier. Looked like it was a really serious crash, just wondering if the occupants of the car are ok and if anyone knows who they are...?


Philip Lakic

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yeah i past that car, he left from the hyperdome...it was an NA 33 i believe white one...looked stock. It was mashed up when i pasted the people had been taken, and the cops and firies were assessing it. I was actually trying to catch up to some people in a few skylines, a white 32 and a grey 33 i think....anyone know them or is anyone those people??

Yeah but the roads were slippy as....i was having probs keeping taction in 4th turning...:S

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insert pious rant here with the assertion that I've never done anything stupid in my entire life..........

wtf - "pious" :)

Someones swallowed the dictionary :D

Lets see how many people post giving an opinion on cause of accident, whos to blame, driver cant drive, must have been speeding cause its a skyline etc etc. Boost cruising post is up to 6 pages of 'expert' opinions!

Face it we all F@#k up that how we learn - but no insurance <_<

*sits back and waits for posts*

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