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R33 Pinging!

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Hi all...

My car is pinging a bit under load and it's not to do with fuel becaused I'm using the 98 RON fuel... It doesn't matter how much I retard of advance the timing, it still pings...

If a knock sensor has come off, can this caus the engine to ping???

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In that thread mate, what do you mean by "drive pulley keyway"? You mentioned that is was loose? Are you talking about the bolt that goes through to hold the pulley on?

This pinging only seemed to happen after replacing the exhuast cam and the Crank Angle Sensor... Maybe the CAS is faulty yeah????

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On mine it was the pulley at the bottom of the motor that drives the timing belt and the half moon key had worn a bit so the pulley was rotating on the shaft, only very slightly but enough to put the whole system out.

Didnt you just have a problem relating to the CAS? I'd try another.

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