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Safcii Knock Readings


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*EDIT, mod please change topic title to SAFC2 because the double caps II's won't cap : )*

Hey Just wondering what kind of knock readings people get with their SAFCII?

My max ping is generally around 20 when idle, & usually sits around 0 - 3 when driving after a bit. This is when driving on stock 7psi boost.

When I bump it to 12psi & check the highest recorded knock, it shoots up to around 120 - 160 after little thrashing at 12 pound, I never actually catch the knock displaying these higher figures. I had the car dyno tuned for 12 pound so the A/F ratio’s should all be correct, the dyno sheet says so (12:1), When actually boosting 12psi at 7000rpm the knock reading is still 0 like it normally is high up in the revs so I'm not worrying.

Just wondering what other people get.


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hmm well i thought my SAFC II was screwed as it has been "tuned" very suspect though and during the cold its around 40 but then any sort of hot day even if i am not boosting its at like 90 - 100 which i know is way to high. I also never hear pinging. I am taking it to get checked later on.

If its recording that result i would be a little worried however you can tell pretty easy if it was a once off. On the SAFC II you cant set the knock sensor as a default one to show. Just have a passenger with you and then nail it. They should be able to tell you when it hits the high numbers

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When I start my car and it idles my knock readings are 20-30. As soon as I'm into the rev range it drops to 0.

When I stick my foot to the boards it goes straight to 0 and doesn't alter.

This si one 12psi too.

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on one of the hottest days (40deg) mine hit around 35 on idle, but that isnt really bad as your engine isnt really under load, but 90-100 is rather high.

as long as it hits 0 while under load then its fine, i rev to about 1000-1200 if my knock gets a bit high on idle, i find it drops a bit.

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