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so u have a zr600 do you ... i need it ... i have 3 zr240 amps in the car and i need a zr600 to replace one of the zr240 amps. Would you consider swapping your zr600 for a zr240 and some cash ??

the birth certificate says she puts out 340wrms bridged, unfortinatly its just not enough for my new sub, but if 340wrms is enough for what u need it for then please consider it ..

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Nice amps :P

You've got 3 ZR240's in your car???... do the lights dim cause these are power hungry mofo's.

I had a ZR240, pretty much sold it to a friend but I've kept the other, my ZR360. I may eventually throw it in my 'line.

Have you tried loading your 240 down to 1ohm to get the most out of it?

ZR600's are very thin on the ground....

Fixxxer :)

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