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Wanted To Swap Wheels 18's For 17's

r31 Koop

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hey people,

just putting this up for interest, please let me know if you have an opinion regarding my offer, as in is it a fair trade etc etc?

i have an s13 and keep getting grief for having 18inch wheels on the car.

they are 350z track wheels.

i am curious to see if anybody is willing to swap for a set of r33 gtr wheels.

i am not fussed about tyres on the gtr wheels although i have some tyres on the 350z wheels.

the fronts are fairly worn(approx 1mm off markers) and could do with replacing the rear drivers side tyre is mint with around 85% tread (bridgestone potenza).

i am just curious to see if anybody is interested, i am in melbourne and may even pay a cash difference, i just want some r33 gtr 17's.

please reply to my email: [email protected]

as i'm logged in on a friends computer, i am a member (R32 gts-t) but my password info is at home.



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