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Bits Left Over Form My Rb30 Conversion


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RB20T Clutch Fan (good condition) = $25

RB20T Ball Bearing Turbo S2 (Perfect working condition)(no oil/water lines) = $230

RB20T computer (no loom, good working condition) = $75

RB25de Plenum & RB20T inlet/runners (Good condition) = $60 each/$100 both

Assorted cam gear & timing belt covers (good condition) = $15each

x12 RB25de & RB20T injectors (all good working condition) $20each/$100 4 6!

RB30 harmonice balancer and bolt (excellent condition) = $40

Lower timing belt tooth thing (good condition) = $20

RB20T intercooler and some piping (slight dent but works well) = $50

RB20T timing belt (excellent condition) = $10

Unifilter Pod with oil = $40

Many assorted bolts (exhaust manifold, plenum etc) Offers!

Everything is here in S.A and would prefer SA buyers! I can only make it to a computer around once a week so if you want something urgently or need to know something you can call or message me on 0401219230!

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