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Rb30 Hybrid Upgrade, All Dyno Results

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This thread is for all the



Or any other hybrid motor combo (should someone waste time doing 20/30 :))

Whether they be in a GTR, or GTS-t dont matter...

Go nuts... as usual, no chit-chat plz. It will be removved without notice

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Standard Rods

87mm Wiseco Forged Pistons

Mildly ported polished head, port matched, valve deshroud and usual rebuild.

Stock RB20DET injectors, turbo, airbox and filter

3" turbo back exhaust

Bar/Plate FMIC

No boost control, standard actuator boost level. Peaked at 12psi then tailed off to 9psi by peak power.

Std AFM @ 4.98v, Z32 AFM @ 4.0v.

RB20DET Injectors @ 92% duty at peak power, over rev to 5000-6000rpm would see 100% duty to hold a 12:1 AFR.




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My Rb30DET in a R32 skyline

Stock RB30 bottom end from a VL commodore (300,000+kms)

Stock RB25 n/a head, Stock cams with heavier valvesprings

Stock exhaust manifold with GT35/40

Stock plenum/inlet manifold

3 inch exhaust


550 cc injectors and bosch 044 pump

Microtech ECU

Made 306rwkw on 20 psi with 550nm torque, have since added 260deg cams and made 312rwkw with better midrange power & torque.

Power peaks at 5800rpm, then drops of pretty quick, i suspect this is caused by the stock exhaust manifold which i will change soon.


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First tune:

Very much identical to SKY30 in everyway,

except for extractors and external gate,252 duration cams and adjustable cam gears, made 470rwhp on 15psi on pump fuel run in tune,

Second tune:

602bhp or 450rwkw on 29psi pump tollulene mix.

Replacing clutch atm ,as it shat itself on the second and third run. :(

449.7rwkw/602bhp chart


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Just got my car dynoed this past week. Car feels great til about 5900rpm then starts to valve float. It made 228rwkw's@15psi. This is in a 1992 R32 gtst. I rebuilt the rb30 to na spec and the head is from an r32 with an rb25de, i just had that checked and the seat tension re done, should've put GTR valve springs in when i had the head off!

Mods are:

full 3" stainless steel exhaust (custom dump pipe)

600x300x75 intercooler with 2.5" piping

Apexi Ap engineering Power FC

GT35/40 1.06 exhaust housing

gtr fuel pump

gtr injectors

z32 afm

standard airbox with apexi panel filter and CAI

here's my dyno sheet (the afr's were good with 11.9 - 12.0 all through the rev range!)


Edited by mr_rbman

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RB25det head with VVT oil line

Standard Bottom end rebuilt with new rings and bearings only

Nismo 740cc Injectors

Sard Pressure Reg

Walbro 550 pump

Plazmaman Plenum

300x600x100 Intercooler


GT3540 .82 rear Turbo

Tial 38mm Gate plumed back

Power FC & HC

3" exhaust

Made 346.6 RWHP on a conservative tune (low timing) on 16psi. Will post pics and dyno sheet. Got it tuned on Saturday and the dif blew on sunday lol. Bit worried about the bottom end so I did not go above the boost level sydney kid recomended.


Bottom end shat itself. 5 pistons has broken or missing rings during that power run / tune also 6 months later it spun 2 bearings... so rebuild..

Forged Pistons

Forged Hbeam rods

Balanced Bottom End

Crank collar modification

Owner street tuned at 16psi made 397.6 RWHP in 38deg heat- engine is only running 120psi in each cyl so we can run a extra 10psi or so boost later on.


Retune to 20psi made 317rwkw

Passed the Emissions Test - IM240

-Edit 2-

Installed 044 Pump - retuned to 363rwkw.. spiked 27psi and holds 24psi to redline

Edited by Guilt-Toy

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Stock plenum

Stock cams

Stock injectors

Stock head, serviced, ported & polished

Stock exhaust manifold

Rising rate fuel regulator

Rev I-beam Conrods

CP Pistons 8.3:1

CP Rings

N1 oil pump

Powermax water pump

ARP main studs

ACL Race Series Main and Rod bearings

ACL Valve Stem seals

3 inch exhaust

Haltech E6K management

Haltech ignition

Haltech boost controller

No AFM, map sensored

Front mount intercooler

911T Fuel pump + surge tank

High flowed turbo , Hitachi internals, looks like stock housings to me but compressor housing possibly different.

Compressor housing bored to take a 56 mm wheel(inducer) , 500 hp bb core , Exhaust housing bored to take a larger steel wheel, size unknown. Pics of turbo posted in discussion thread.

Apexi BOV

Tuned at 15 psi due to lack of fuel delivery :thumbsup:

Injectors at 96% duty, fuel pressure on full throttle 68psi

293.7 kw and 462.7 Nm

Notice the Torque between 3500 and 5000 rpm :happy:

Edited by conan7772

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Nissan RB25DET Head (Ported)

Nissan standard RB30e Block (251,000 kms)

Throttlebody moved to front end of plenum

550 cc injectors

Trust manifold (useless piece of shit - cracks after a couple of minutes during burnouts)

Trust TD06-20g Turbo

Trust (guessing?) external wastegate (have a listen in the vids - gotta love it)

Bosch 044 pump. Custom surge tank by Glen Hunter

Apexi PFC

240rwkw @ 10psi (dunno where dyno read out is)

full boost by 2100rpm. all that work pretty much to do burnouts

as can be evidenced below!



oh, and it's in a R31 - the only skyline to come out stock with an rb30 block!!! get a 31!!

here's my dyno readout picture


cheers, mark

Edited by 88silhouette

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Have recently sold my car but here are the results anyway

R33 gtst

RB30/25 vvt

arias pistons

Preped standard rods

Stock head and cams apart from mild port and polish

Custom Plenum

High mount exhaust manifold

GT35/40 .7 front .82 rear

50mm gate

600cc injectors

044 pump and 2ltr surge tank

wolf 3d plug in

301rwkw on 18psi

recently bought a 32 gtr and its bulshit the difference between off boost tourque and throttle response, huge difference! Could pull up hills withough even boosting.


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1990 R32 GTS4 MSPEC RB25/30





-GT3540 0.82 REAR AR



-FMIC 600X300X76








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1997 R33 S2 GTST RB25/30 Race Car.

RB25 Head with VVT

Mild Port n Polish

Tomei Type A valve springs - Soon to be.

Greddy Intake Manifold w/ Q45 Throttle Body

S/S Exhaust Manifold - Soon to be 6Boost

Tial 38mm Wastegate - Soon to be 48mm Turbosmart Gate

GT35/40 0.82 Rear AR

3" Straight through Exhaust, Dumped PS infront of rear wheel

Screamer to ATMO


850cc SARDS

POWERFC PRO w/Datalogit


600X300X76 PWR I/C - Soon to be 110mm ARE I/C

Turbosmart BOV

CP 25/30 Pistons w/CP Chromemoly Rings 8.3:1 CR

ACL Steel Headgasket

REV I Beam Rods

ATI Super Damper - Soon to be.

044 Bosch Pump/ 40ltr Fuel Cell

ACL Bearings all throughout

ARP Main & Head Studs

Tomei 256 Poncams IN/EX

NI Oil Pump with JUN Crank Collar

4.5l Custom Catch Can

PWR 50mm Core Radiator

High Energy Circuit Sump

Exedy Twin Plate Clutch w/ Chromemoly Flywheel

Remote Oil Cooler

That setup on 18psi made 240rwkw. Dont know torque figure. That was base tune for run in. Will be going back for full tune when soon to be items go on. Was tuned at Charlies Motors in Brisbane. They dont give dyno print outs and they dont believe in pimple faced horsepower, hence why our power figure is alot lower then everyone elses for amount of mods done. But it sure is a hell of alot quicker then old rb25, I can swear by that.

Ill try and get a printout on next tune, if not ill just have to take a photo if im there whilst its on the dyno. Were hoping for 300rwkw :(

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R32 GTS4

Stock RB30 bottom end

Stock R32 RB25de head

Stock R32 RB20det exhaust manifold

RB26dett plenim with VH45 throttle body

Custom T3/T4 hybrid

447kw all 4

10.21 @ 134mph

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RB30 4wd bottom end

RB26dett head

Stock intake

Stock exhaust manifolds

Stock slightly modified turbo's

330kw(445hp) all 4 @ 19psi, 420kw(560hp) all 4 with small shot of NOS

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Anyway here is the dyno graph from the tune. They had problems with wheel spin, they couldnt keep the car down, with it strapped down as hard as they could get it and with a few fellas in the boot it still managed to wheelspin...They chewed up the re55 sr's...made a mess of their dyno room. You can see the blips on the plot.


So final figure was 320kw at 8000rpm, wanted to keep going but 8k redline is fine. That was on 1.3 bar(19psi), knock is around 50-70. So due to boost spiking and excessive knock, that was the highest boost we could run with. Next step is definetely the water/meth injection, bigger cams and probably the 1.06 rear depending on lag difference. 400kw would be great, and shouldnt be too hard to achieve with the future mods.

Things that we changed to since last tune : 110mm ARE intercooler, turbosmart 48mm WG, 6boost manifold and ATI damper.

We are happy with it so far, and will know how much better it is in a few weeks at sprints and racing at QR :D

*New power output with water/meth injection is now 365kw @ 8000rpm*

Edited by r33_racer

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3ltr block

ACL cast pistons, high silicone content. standard bore size, ACL race series rings.

Rods – standard.. Crack tested, cryo treated, beam polished then shot peened.

Bearings: Nissan mains, clevite 77 rods.

R32 GTR oil pump.

ARP head stud kit.

R33 RB25DE head

VCT disabled

lightly ported exhaust side

fully rebuilt, new valve guides, reseated valves etc

stock cams (RB25DE)

stock cam springs

RB25DET 370cc injectors

Cold side:

JD plenum

R33 RB25DE runners

Relocated IAC valve to side of plenum

XF throttle body

Catch can

Hot side:

Tubular split pulse exhaust manifold

50mm HKS copy gate with merge pipes from each collector.

GT40 turbo. 1.34 exhaust A/R, split pulse. 0.72 A/R compressor. 4 inch inlet.

3.5 inch dump pipe.

3 inch cat-back mandrel bent exhaust.

3 inch stainless cooler piping.

Eaton M90 supercharger, custom shortened drive snout for clearance. 1.7x crank speed drive.

Garrett 32mm wastegate setup as a bypass valve for the blower.

5 inch outlet pipe, necked down to 4 then 3 inch before the intercooler.

Hybrid front mount cooler.

R33 series 1 skyline powerFC – series 1 coils with external ignitor on firewall.

Q45 AFM in the piping before the throttle body.

quick preliminary tune (1.5 hours) to make sure it's all good.

225rwkw on 9psi at 5300rpm (cam timing is rooted):


Edited by StockyMcStock

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Just got it today

RB30 bottom end fully rebuilt

Standard head


GCG Highflowed turbo


Fuel Pump

Haltech ECU

Air filter


311.3HP and 232.2kW

Still next exhaust, injectors and afm

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New build 26/30

basic tune , will be re - tunning now that run in . Found out we had a blown turbo manifold gasket- will get better results.

Will post out come

ITS single top mount.

Ported head and good quality valve trane etc.

Forged and balanced internals.

Custom intake plenum and scavaging ex manifold.

Upsized injectors and fuel systempost-10298-1161688176.jpgpost-10298-1161688429.jpg

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I'm posting for:



Standard fresh RB30E

R32 RB25DE untouched standard head (valve springs, cams etc)

1.5mm Cometic Headgasket ~7.8:1 static comp ratio


Aftermarket Plenum

Sard 800cc Twin Sprays



Standard Exhaust Manifold

GT35R .82

Tial Wastegate

Bleed Valve

Am-Performance Ext Wastegate adaptor/spacer

AM-Performance Dump/Front pipe

2 3/4" Cat Back

270rwkw @ ~6200rpm and power holding well until 7000rpm.

The highest we saw was 280 something rwkw but it was floating quite badly.

settled on 270rwkw with what I think was still 'some' signs of ever so slight float

The second attached dyno sheet is a before/after fitting up a plenum without touching the ign timing only resetting afr's back to 12:1.

Prior boost was hitting 9 point something psi then tailing to 8psi, after the plenum it held a solid 8psi and appears to have lost a touch of mid range, this could be due to slightly less boost and the lack of fiddling with ign timing.

None the less power has shifted up the curve rather nicely which is what we want out of the rb30 as to get some speed in any gear. No point it feeling like a diesel. :P

1bar saw power touch 265rwkw. Gains after that were minimal due to soft valve springs.




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