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Newbie.. View My Ride..


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evening all,

I'm new to sau, and i'm not sure that i fully qualify to be a member - yet... i've got a r32 front cut awaiting to be transplanted into the bimmer, both share the same garage, and ... like a dog waiting for an operation for a bad hip, the bimmer anxiously awaits the arrival of the new organs, namely an RB20DET with a 5 speed (currently the bm is an old 4spd auto, 1.8L 4cyl, sohc!!)

The only thing i'm waiting on are a few things coming from ebay (intercooler, muffler/cat, some other bricka brack..) and the FRONT SECTION OF AN r32 TAILSHAFT... does anybody have one of these? Some of the cuts i looked at were complete, but i got a good deal on the one i have due to missing front section (rad/condenser etc.. and no tailshaft.)

I'm in algester, and require a tailshaft asap due to project starting next week after the current motor/tranny comes out of the bimmer...

Let me know if you got any ideas..


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Hey Chris.... Welcome to SAU QLD...

Any questions about membership jusy PM "SMR33"...

Any questions about the forum just ask away...

BTW... I just finished a SR20det into a 1996 BMW 318i with a mate last month... You will be certain to have fun with the wiring for the dash board...

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hey buddy do u need an AFM.

Aljester is off beudesert rd heading towards rocklea area.

nah - once i got the front cut home i took off the cooler and plumbing, and the afm/airbox so i could get my hands around motor to see engine mounts, etc.... so it's still there just not fitted atm.

Anyways, i called the mob where i got the cut from, and they quoted 150 for a whole shaft (no main bearing i assume).. sound reasonable?

I'll post a new topic soon.. but i'd wanna know if anyone is interested in some odds and ends that i wont be needing from the front cut.. as seen in the pic, there's no panels, brakes, shocks, headlights, etc.. but it has 87k's on the clock (and log books!! though i can't read them..) Interior pieces like the climate control panel, entire dash (in GC) are all there.. even shtuff like pedals (like new), master cylinder, blower for aircon, wipers/wiper motor.. just ask and i'll check if it's still on there... prices start from 8,000 YEN.. which is like 40c right? welcome to come and see it to salvage bits off her..

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Mate i have an r33 driveshaft i dont need, u can have it for $100, i live in ipswich (30mins outside brisbane)

let me know if your interested :P

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wish you luck with the conversion. post some progress pics as you go ;)

Will do :laugh:

i'm getting the run around by a mob that's meant to be paying me to take out my old motor and gbox this week, which they get to keep at the end.. seems they're too busy for me :whistling:

either way its coming out this weekend so prolly get a mate to help me drop it out. i'm gonna buy an engine crane this week too, if anyone has one they wanna sell plz let me knoowwwww...

old motor and gbox has to be sold too, otherwise is gonna take up too much garage space.. ask around for anyone that might want one (1993 318i M40 motor, 4spd auto tranny.. all good working order, just really really really slooooww.. 120hp stock from memory!)

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I haven't read any car mags recently, but is this a new trend? Making a 3 series go like it should have from the factory? :) Seems like 2 of you had the same idea anyway. I have never given any credit to the 3 series due to the poor bang for buck ratio, but i recon you might be on a winner with an engine converison.

whats the hurdles with engineering one of these beasts?

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I may have a buyer for the engine...I'll let you know, it's to go into an 87' BMW coupe with a shagged 1.8, only at Browns Plains as well. What sort of money are you looking at for it?

I was toying with this idea a little while back....but an RB30 into an E46. Finally decied I'm just going to get a 350Z/V35 and TT next year.

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I may have a buyer for the engine...I'll let you know, it's to go into an 87' BMW coupe with a shagged 1.8, only at Browns Plains as well. What sort of money are you looking at for it?

I was toying with this idea a little while back....but an RB30 into an E46. Finally decied I'm just going to get a 350Z/V35 and TT next year.

350Z's are farken nice man.. seem to be holding their value a bit too..

many thanks for asking around mate - the motor is coming out this week, and is sold as of yesterday, needless to say I GOT SHAGGED in this deal!!!!

anyway new motor going in soon so i can take my anger out on the street, in a controlled manner where possible of course..


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  • 3 months later...

Good news all - conversion finally completed (as of about 3 weeks ago.. have been a bit slack in posting progress photos

Thanks to my good mate Bubs for all his fab work - he's a master craftsman with the mig (let me know if anybody needs ANY fab work done.. everything is high quality cnc plasma cut and machine folded for that factory appearance)

his fab work included:

custom engine mounts using new heavy duty mounts from a MQ Patrol

custom front sump (for clearance of the bmw crossmember) + custom oil pickup

custom intercooler piping, mandrel bends

custom transmission crossmember

3" 2 piece turbo back exhaust, mandrel bends

custom sway bar mounts

custom radiator and intercooler mounts

Other mods:

450x300 cooler

DBA slotted and crossdrilled rotors

autometer/autogauge gauges

turbo timer

apexi pod

mitsubishi cordia washer bottle

Hilux rad overflow bottle

32 gtr radiator

3" one piece driveshaft from the guys at Hardy Spicer

glovebox mounted fire extinguisher!


no more abs (abs unit was about 2mm from the turbo)

no more dual zone climate control (maybe i'll change my mind on a 40degree day)

6 cyl rego

6 cyl fuel economy + rear tyres

my wallet feels noticibly lighter after this project...

We didn't do too much between July and September, but we turned up the heat in october and had it done in about 4 weeks (mainly after hours and weekends). Wiring didnt cause too much grief (once we found the right documentation), and project still has a few more tweaks before it replaces my daily driver (speedo, power steering, etc)

Car drives like it's got it's nuts in a vice, noticible improvement over the factory 1.8Lt auto!!

Future improvements include: r33 s2 turbo, S-AFC Neo, EBC, HD clutch, M3 LSD

thanks all, comments and questions welcome.




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riced up beamer, now i've seen everything

If it was pink, had a white interior, Chrome wheels and neons it would be riced up, this car seems to be a well thought out performance project, well done mate

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