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This is a Pic of R31 Chicks Bros (My son) GTS R a little out of shape at WAs Motorplex.

The car has been authenticated.R31Nismoid has seen this car in person.

Yep, definately a GTS-R, no doubt about it. Fair bit cleaner than mine too

Oh, and i have a GTS-R aswell :P

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1996 R33 VSpec LM only 98 models made I know of one in the states. Very lucky to have that car. A little list of "rare" cars of the top of my head.

Any Pre 69 Skyline counts as rare to me..

Hako (Box) Suka (Skyline)

1969-72 C10 GTR - ??

Ken Mary

1972-3 C110 GTR - 197


R30 1983 Paul Newman Edition - ??

R30 Tekamen (Iron Mask)

1983 R30 RSX Turbo C - ??


R31 GTS1 - 200

R31 GTS2 - 200

R31 GTS Autech Version - ??


R31 GTS-R - 800

R32 Godzilla

R32 1990 Nismo - 560

R32 1991-1993 N1 - 228

R32 1993 V-Spec - 1,453

R32 1994 V-Spec II - 1,303

R32 2000 Nismo S-Tune - ??

R32 199? Autech Version - ??


R33 1995 Vspec - 3,823

R33 1996 Vspec - 1,358

R33 1997 Vspec - 1,002

R33 1998 Vspec - 255

R33 1996 Vspec LM - 98

R33 1996 Nismo 400R - 99

R33 1995 Nismo LM Road Car - ??

R33 199? Autech Version - ??


R34 19?? N1 - 45

R34 1999 Nismo R-Tune - ??

R34 2002 M-Spec NUR - 250

R34 2002 V-Spec II NUR - 750

R34 2005 Nismo Z-Tune - 20

R34 199? Autech Version - ??

if anyone can fill the blanks or add any cars that i've missed please do.

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Well the R33 Autech 4 door is a "40th Anniversary Edition".

There was also a Nismo version of the Autech version lol, but both I think are the same year model.

I've searched thoroughly for about 1 hour or more. And finally come up with that.... Skylines were first produced in 1957, making the Autech R33 a 1997 model.

Hope that can help :)

Some reference links:



Oh yea, I couldnt find out how many were made. But somewhere in posts previously, i have seen the figures 400-500 ish..

Meh, another add to the post.

First skyline was built in 1957

The first Skyline was introduced in April 1957, under the Prince marque, and was marketed as a luxury car. It featured a 1.5 L (1482 cc) GA30 engine producing 44 kW (60 hp). It used a de Dion tube rear suspension and was capable of 140 km/h (87 mph). www.wikipedia.com


Edited by Brent
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I think a couple of people have missed the point of this thread....

It's meant to be a register for rare Skylines which people actually own.... not a list of different models available.

If you have any information that you'd like to add about different model Skylines and/or their specifications, please do it in this thread.

great idea :) Thread stickied!

Please only post if you have a limited edition skyline :)

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I know im not in Australia, but New Zealand is close enough.

I have a 1962 Prince Skyline Deluxe model code BLSID-3 same as the one in an above post. As far as I know Australia didnt get this model or the 1963 Prince Skyline S21-4 model code either. Both part of the 1st generation Skyline. Next of Course was the S5 series (S50, S54 etc) second generation which NZ only got a limited number of S54AE and S54BE models which were badged as Prince A200 GTA or GTB.

There were 39 BLSID-3 cars sold in NZ in 1962 and are said to be the first Japanese cars sold in NZ

post-11984-1174557491.jpg post-11984-1174557520.jpg

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I dont know how relevant this will be but Dept of defence calssefides had 001/300 of the r31 GTS-(r??) up for sale, white one with liek 170***kms on it. In wagga or orange.. ill try find the e-mail i got sent.

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A while back we had someone trying to tell us that she had a "factory GTR30" which of course is a bit strange.....

she disappeared before we could get any photos, but if anyone knows of this "Julie" that may or may not have something special, please let us know....

see thread


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anyone know if my car is rare. ive got a 1999 r34 GT-4 ENR34 manual sedan. R33 GTR running gear in it also.

cheers luke

A bit late...

No R34 sedans with RB26 conversions are plentiful. At least 3 available on used car websites every week in Japan, and more elsewhere. But in Australia... could be rare?

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I've got a 40th Anniversary R33 landing soon... they're rare right? Theres ALOT fewer of them than the average S1/2 R33s :D

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Hey Guys

i dont know whether they are rare or not but my mate just got rid of his datsun/ nissan c210 skyline.

from what we could find out about it, we think it might have been an australian delivery, but not 100% sure.

i could probaly scrap a few pics if interested??

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love the LM edition R33's, there was only 19 Z-Tunes released too if someone wants to edit that.

What bout my RS-V stagea :thumbsup: lol just kidding

i know there was only one series two 260RS (RB26) with dual sunroofs made and its in OZ, the rest didnt have any.

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I have 1990 r32 gtr nismo edition. Build number 315. Have only seen 5 or 6 in australia for sale. Not a great deal of difference to standard but worth the money just for the vin plate. Would like to here of anyone else that has one. Mine has normal gtr air con but doesnt have abs, rear wiper and has the body kit. Turbos on the car are steel wheel with .64 rear housing and .60 from housing.

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Cool thread I own an Australian delivered R32 GTR car no1 of 100 sold by Nissan Australia the car was owned by nissan Australia for the first ten years and was sold by them to the previous owner in 2001 after a change of management. The car was first registered through Dandynong company vehicles wich is a lease fleet for nissan australia and had the number plate (vic) THE GTR. I have verified all the history of the car and also have a copy of the letter that went to all the nissan dealer princapals regarding the sale of the car in 2001 wich states that the dealership that bids the most for the car would own it and it was sold to city nissan in melbourn. The car has full books and full nissan service history and is in stock standard condition is still running a set of the origanal fitment bridgstone re71 tyres and currantly has 77000.00 klm's on it. I have been told by a friend of mine that worked for Peter Brock's race team when he raced the ford sierra that this car was driven to and from race meets by Mark Skaeif at that time but have not yet been able to verify if that is correct or not. I will post some better pics soon as the ones I have are of prety poor quality. GIANT aka Russell has seen the car inn the flesh and can verify the quality and condition of the car.







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R31 Aussie SVD Police Cars 27 in Vic and 13 in Tassie. Vic cars were 20 Series 3 with GTS 1 Spec, 7 Series 3 with GTS 2 Spec. Plain clothes though, no body kit or interior. Tassie cars were 6 GTS 1 Sedans and 7 GTS 2 Sedans. Fully fledged GTS's.

R31 Aussie SVD Fire Brigade Cars 7 in Vic. All GTS 2 sedans, but no interior or body kit as per police spec cars.

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  • Latest Posts

    • Duncan, Thanks for that. Much appreciated. Cheers, Fred
    • 120mm for a standard r32 gtr or gtst power steer pulley.  
    • Been nothing happening for a while as got the sil80 going and been trying to decide what direction to go but have been doing the important things like painting cam cover and making heat shield for the turbo.  Fitted some more lights to the work area in the shed and converted to LEDs. Heaps better with the extra lights.  Pulled out the ecu and loom this week to start planning a new loom with extra sensors and inputs.  Considering going DBW as liking it on the other car. So will have to send ecu back to link for modding.  Car is booked in to get the engine bay and under side blasted end of July so have to get a move on stripping. 
    • Yep - I have had three different EFR's - and still run an 8474.  All have had this casting issue and I didn't like it either.   The Turbo's perform well - but its disappointing to see this lack of quality control - and yes it does make you naturally wonder if there are other problems that you can't see. I think that Borg Warners attitude to "its fine, and doesn't stop it working" is not a good thing.  As others above have said, other manufacturers seem to get their castings nice and tidy and you would expect that the top of their line be well finished.   Maybe BW should have a read of this thread and think about it for Version 2.0.     PS.  I've had 8374 and 8474 back to back on same engine - and I can say that in my experience the 8474 definitely does not spool as quickly as the 8374.   I can say this from dyno charts, seat of the pants feel, logging and track times.   The 8474 does exactly what you would expect:  Spools a bit later (200-300rpm), and makes a bit more power up top.         
    • Will do, thanks.   Do you know from memory which of these two plug (red marker) is for reverse switch ? also what is other one for ?  
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