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Na Power Results - All N/a Engines

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guys, ive been searching for results but nothing!

how about creating one of those results register threads, just like in the turbo section.

if everyone can list their results, wat engine, modifications and maybe dyno graph.

i think itd be good to look for ideas to do to our na engines. i plan on puting a rb25de in my r31, and i want to know power people are getting :/

i might as well start, but its nothign special :)

rb30e, extractors, rear muff gone, auto. 85rwkw. almost too much power :sick:

*Good Idea, sorry to edit your thread*

Eveyone Please put results only No chit chats- Please edit your comments like one below


Model - R34 R33 R32 R31 R30...etc

Engine - RB20DE RB25DE RB26DE...etc

Modifications - Intake system Extractors...etc

Dyno tune results...etc @ what RPM...etc

MISC -other infomaitons

Thank you all

Glue :kiss:

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Model - 300ZX Z32 auto

Engine - VG30DE

Modifications - pod filter, stainless intake pipes, 2.5 mandrel bent cat back exhaust, lightened 1 piece tailshaft.

Dyno results - 136.6rwkw @ 6500rpm

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R31 GTS2


RB30DE, VCT, mild cams, ported head, lightened & balanced bottom end, big extractors & full 3" exhaust, 12:1 compression, twin XF TB's, pod & CAI, twin thermos, spitfire coils, Link ECU.

Cheers, Shaun.

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  • 4 weeks later...

r31 skyline


3-2-1 exstractors 2.25" exhaust with a very restrictive muffler.

chip. adv timeing, k&n pod plus CAI

unknown power figure but around 110rwkw.

last runs was 90 rwkw with only exhaust shity pod

done a 16.3 @83mph at calder drag strip.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Model: R33 series 1 GTS25 sedan

Engine: RB25DE

Mods: converted to manual, K&N pod filter, 3" custom intake pipe, CIA, extractors 6,2,1 heat wrapped, 2 1/8" exhaust cat removed, GTS link ecu

Power: 117rwkw

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Engine: RB25DE

2 door Coupe


92.5kw (on all 4 wheels) @ 5814rpm

831.6Nm @ 4325rpm

mods: pipercross panel filter, 2.5" catback exhaust

this is going to be my baseline for modding my car, at least I know how much it pulls now..

any suggestion which other mod I should do next? pm me.. don't reply here =)

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Model: R33 GTS25

Engine: RB25DE

Modifications: Enclosed pod, 3" Catback

Power: 99.1KW @ 132KPH

Wasn't getting enough air, clogged pod filter answered those questions.

This is running normal unleaded.

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Model: 1987 R31 Skyline Ti

Engine: RB30DE with VVT

Modifications: Extractors, exhaust, twin tb, safc untuned, billet f/wheel, reground surecams, 10.5 compression, 18 degrees timing, 98ron ultimate

Power: 150.9RWKW @ 172kmph an 507nm (374FtLb) torque at 144kmph

with more left in it, she's an economical daily but rich and restricted above 5000rpm so once thats tuned/fixed i'll be a happy camper

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very impressive skit. what 1/4 mile times are you running? i expect low to mid 14s?

model: r33 gts25

engine: rb25de

dyno dynamics

modifications: custom air intake, pod filter

power: 108.4rwkw

dyno logistics

modifications: back to standard panel filter, coby extractors, 2.5" cat and 2.5" cat back exhaust.

power: 101rwkw

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94 r33


stainless steel extractors, cat back, apexi pod.


update today i got 101.7rwkw with new catbak and timing advance in 4th gear run

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