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Help Needed Installing Grex Oil Cooler R32 Gtr


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Guys, as titled, I need some assistance with a Grex oil cooler. The model I ordered should fit into the right inner fender. I guess that means the drivers side right? But all the pictures in the japanese instruction book refer to the passenger side? WTF is going on?? I am trying to fit the cooler in front of the factory BOV but I have never seen a cooler mounted there with the BOV's still installed. I wish I could read japanese. Can anyone shed some light?

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Thanks for that. Grex make a number of different kits. They all have various length hoses depending on the coolers location. Has anyone fitted the grex cooler infront of the factory BOV's?

I'm not sure if its going to fit and my instructions are for the wrong location :happy:

I got a HKS oil cooler it goes on the passenger side , the lines run under the motor
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I highly doubt you can fit it (any cooler) in front of the BOVs. mine is in the passenger side duct. mine is a grex kit also. the big one. and it just barely fits in the passenger side duct.

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ive spoken with the guys at meridian motorsport about an oil cooler for my gtr and they say they have never fitted a cooler to the drivers side. they have always put them on the passenger side

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i have a large one.

mines mounted horizontal (laid flat) here....

shot is from under. and its more over to the passenger side. left part is front lip

max temp today was 85c which was driving for a long time with a fair bit of hard driving (i went bush)


Edited by Angus Smart
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you know the inner fender probably refers to the area right in front of where the RHS front wheel arch is...

i.e the position where the GTSt ventilation slats for the SMIC are cut into the inner plastic guard on the passenger side, but on the driver's side...

so the cooler sits not against the front bar, but behind the BOVs nearer to the wheel well?

does that make sense??

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What size cooler and was it a Trust / grex one? Do you have pics? The instuctions I got with the cooler shows installing it in left inner fender. USELESS!

I must be the only one with a 32 GTR who installed my oil cooler in front of BOVS....special. It can be done.
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19 row oil cooler kit from UAS, earls fittings etc. Tight fit near one of the BOVS but the reason mine fitted was that I had previously removed the BOV piping. Also made brackets from aluminum to mount cooler.

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That's great. Thanks for the pictures.

I purchased the Trust / Grex unit because it's of high quality and I prefered a vehicle specific kit rather than making brackets and having hoses made up for a universal kit. That's why I paid the extra money for it. But it seems unlikely this kit can fit in the intended location without changing BOV's or stuffing around. Not happy. I was assured this unit will fit without any modifications from the supplier, whitch I have in writing.

Some pics of my setup:


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