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Passenger Side Mirror Smashed Off


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Hi all,

Just a quick question... does anyone know how much a electric mirror is for an r33 s1. Yesterday i was at home on the comp and some [email protected]#$Ks came past, (about 15-17year olds) high as kits and thought it might be a good idea to kick/punch my side mirror. My neighbour saw it and pissbolted over here. i went in the car with him, and chased them up the street. when i caught them they were pretty shit scared, rightly so. and then the usual shit happend "i didn't do it", "wasn't me man", "you cant prove anything"... Well that may be true. i didnt see them but i rang the cops anyway and reported them, coz i got their names and numbers, (which are probably fake).

So if anyone has a passenger side mirror that is up for sale i am in launceston, tasmania, give me a pm and let me know a price. It has to be silver.(i would possibly consider 2 black ones, passenger and driver) i would prefer one silver one though.

Geez shit like this pisses me off.

Anyway hope someone has one, or can at least gimmie an idea of waht one costs..



Edited by ydawak
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Damn kids!!!

Sorry to hear about your car man..... young kids dont have respect for anything... i had trouble every time i parked my old 94 supra on the road, there was always 'young' kids looking in it and riding thier bikes around it....I even had young kids try and throw rocks at my old R33....and ya cant do shit cause they are about 10 years old!!!....little bastards!!

good luck fixing it up again mate.

cheers. Luke

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well.... I got a new, (second hand) mirror yesterday and it will go on, on the weekend.

Thanks a lot to livicuru from SAU for sourcing me the mirror..

I found out that the kids have been to Ashley a couple of times. (anyone from tassie will know that this is the youth detention center here. My uncle in law works there and he knows the names of the boys. So all i can do is...... NOTHING...... :cool:

Oh well.. Doesnt matter it is fixed now and if it happens again i can tell you there will be more than some abusive words happening.

sequence of events=

:blush: = ;) = :) = :laugh: = :yucky:

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Well done benny, glad to hear you got it sorghted. Hows the car after the ride hight change? My clutch will be here on thursday as Air Freight forgot to pick it up. So it's gona be a late night on thursday, as i won't start work on it till late after work. Ohh well. It's gona be a biths to get use to a super heavy duty clutch. LOL.

Hopefully the car will be drivable before Xmass.

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got one from Aaron form Slide Performance.

EXEDY clutches are fitted with premium organic friction materials and are resistant to slippage and burst. Increased clamp loads give the necessary capacity to handle modified engines. This is the preferred clutch for street and light horsepower track use.

The drivability will be similar to a regular clutch, however drivers may experience increased pedal effort, slight shudder and increased cabin noise due to the performance characteristics of the clutch. All Exedy clutch discs have high capacity sprung centre dampers to reduce the drivetrain shock and impact.

Exedy H/D Organic kit incl:

* Exedy H/D Organic clutch plate

* RPM Brass Button Pressure plate

* New Bearings

Kit can handle 240rwkw

Was going to go for something heavier, but my wife has to drive the car too, so it needs to be user friendly.

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Im just getting an organic as well, just be easier when reversing/parking and stuff.

It ended up costing more than I would have liked, but if your going to do something, do it right. It was $880, including postage.

It has 3200kg clamping pressure and will be rated up to 300kw.

Im not too knowledgeable with installing and stuff, so off to my trusted mechanic, hate to think what its going to cost, but least I know it will be done well.

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Vandals are about the most pointless diks on earth... sorry to hear about your damage. If as you said your neighbour witnessed the act that's all the proof you'd have needed, especially if the perpetrators are known for this kind of behaviour. You should have called the police and detained the little shits until their arrival...It's within your rights to do so.

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THAT Is one heavy clutch, the standard one is 650kg force, the heavy duty one is 850kg, superheavy is 1025kg and so forth, THAT is hard. DAMMMMM

well mine cost me $340 deliverd to my door, that is with the discount, normally almost $400.

Yeah well i have been stuffen arround on cars all the time. And since i have done about 5 front wheel drives now, this one is EASY, just time consuming.

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I'll find out when its done... dont really care, as I wouldn't really take my car to anyone else unless he retires. He's coming off holiday for the day to do it for me.

Jim told me the standard gts-t clutch is rated at 1550kg, the GTR is 1800kg...

In the long run I'm looking for about 250rwkw so I wanted to play safe and get one rated at 300

good luck on getting yours in, I'm going to have to bus around and borrow cars till then.... not cool, nothing that I can borrow compares to the line

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I got it all off, took 1.5 hours, piss of piss, now all i need is a clutch, SUPPOSE to be here today, still not turned up. F U C K aus post.

Blody express post my ass, next day, delivery, phew.

Have you machined your flywheel yet shags?

I got mine today, pretty happy with that! not that its going to help me for almost another 2 weeks...

At least petrol is going to be cheap... *calls out* "mum, car needs refill"

Aus Post is completely swamped me thinks...

Absolutly flat out its beyond a joke :)

I cant wait for holidays :ninja:

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Yeah I skimmed the surface, all good, it was actually preatty good, just had some glazed marks on it. Will see how it goes today, the clutch arrived at 4:50pm, just in the nick of time. I am about to go to my mates place to get it put in, so have car back for Xmass. YYEEEHHHAAA.

My mate has all the things i need in his workshop. The flywheel is ok, you should see the old plate, it looks like something chewed it up and spat it out. LOL.

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All good mate. I finshed mine last nigt at 12 midnight, had to do the box twice, the input shaft would not line up, very fidly, BUT dam does it bite or what. I got an Exceedy clutch and it is awsom. Love it, a bit digital at the moment, on off, but need to get use to it. LOL

LOVE IT. Now for some spitfires.

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