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Getting My Car Driveable For Christmas!

Young GT-R

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Spoke to Kutzie yesterday and he can squeeze me in for a dyno tune next thusday.

Those of you who don't know me, my R31 coupe has been off the road for 6 months (and it's my daily driver)

It's still in pieces and I have put an aussie R31 wiring loom in it and some engine mods etc etc.

I hope to see you all on the roads very soon, it's like a little kid at christmas.

Should be 250rwkw - 270rwkw and a grin from ear to ear.


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i'm in the same boat. Got the engine & gbox on jackstands, i've got 1 turbo hooked up tonight, and should get the otherone on tomorrow night, then put the engine back in on the weekend. And i'm hoping i get my brakes back to put on next week.

Been frigging round on mine for 6 months too.

ohhh i miss driving it.

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I haven't touched my car in over six months since i taped up the window where the low life farks broke into it.

Will getting stuck into it next week and over the holiday period to try and get it back on the road.

Anyone feel like helping :P

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well i know how you fell, My bike has been of the road after a crash a year ago, all in bits, and looking like it will be some time yet.


Man i miss my bikes as well :)

I was going to come on that ride but thats the day Georgie sold her bike :dry:


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yeah it was a great ride, pitty about my ctack, that wat the same day Matty got his big speeding fine and had to go to cort. LOL.

Bikes, cars, all the same, the're and addiction.

NOPE not for me, i just dont get the same enjoyment from a car as that of a bike.

Probably cause i cant do half of what i do on a bike in a car >_<

DAMN IT i want another bike :D

Yep i will add to the list as well mines been off the road now for 7 months putting a RB25 in my R32 im just hoping its worth the wait

:laugh: for your sake Ray so do i.

Im sure it will be worth it, but once its done you need to start driving the thing.

I've only seen it 3 times since you have starting building that car , now i know its not a daily but its an RB.

For gods sake man it deserves a flogging atleast once a week :D

Is it back in Tassie yet and how much more have to you got to go till it see's the road again???

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Tell me about it. I fried my clutch on suday, and if it wasn't for Aaron form Slide Performance, i would not have a clutch till after the new year. Hopefully mine will be here tomorrow, and then get it in over night.

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Mine won't be ready!.........freight at this time of the year is so slow!!!!

:) i've never had a problem with freight :P

Tell me about it. I fried my clutch on suday, and if it wasn't for Aaron form Slide Performance, i would not have a clutch till after the new year. Hopefully mine will be here tomorrow, and then get it in over night.

OMFG what are you going to do next Wog...

Az is a top guy and always trying to help everyone out, Slide Performance FTW :sorcerer:

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I drive my car as hard as the bike, so i tend to break things. LOL. Nah the stock clutch was on the way out a while ago, but it is only now it has decided to well and trully die in the assssss

:laugh: so that would mean its "nana spec" then :ninja:

Get back to me when you drive it as hard as i ride :(

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nope, not nana spec, it's just not Wog Proof. LOL.

Well it's a bit hard to drive on two wheels but i'll try.

Well yes it is rather hard to drive a car on 2 wheels, but then again you could do what Pat does and do a lap of Basky on 2 wheels :(

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