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Exhaust Manifold Studs


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hey guys i am currently in quite a situation, with christmas comming close i need to fix my car, i blew my exhaust manifold gasket not long ago and i found that a couple of studs are broken, does anyone know how to take them out also does anyone know someone who can do it? as i dunno how to take broken studs out.

also, where to get a exhaust manifold stud set from?

thanks, phill


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All good mechanics can do it easily.

Just punch stud, drill, insert "easy-out", remove :/

Lenish the face (using a large and decent, bench belt sander) of manifold to remove any "bow", as this will cause more studs to break

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so drill a smallish hole and then just twist it out when their broken?

i am a mechanic, but i have never done these before so i am not confident, the mechanic who is helpin me is very busy and doesnt even have time to check my car.

whats easy out? lol

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so drill a smallish hole and then just twist it out when their broken?

i am a mechanic, but i have never done these before so i am not confident, the mechanic who is helpin me is very busy and doesnt even have time to check my car.

whats easy out? lol

"Easy-out": Is the name of a tool, is available in various sizes to suit various sized studs. It is like a Tapping tool but with a reverse thread that stops half way. You drill a correct size hole, "tap" the easy-out (turn in a reverse thread), once the easy-out bottoms out on the stud it starts to unwind the stud out of the thread.

Detail Report: :/

- Use a centre punch to carefully make a dent in the centre of the broken stud

- Carefully drill into the stud, using an adequately sized drill bit. Make sure the drill bit goes in straight and square.

- Tap in easy-out and remove stud.

Due to the confinement of the engine bay, this is ALOT harder than how it reads, but is done on a daily basis by all good mechanics

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