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How To Read This Boost Gauge


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thats a metric guage called Bar

here is a website to convert all sorts of pressures and things


most drivers prefer imperial i know i do imperial = PSI

0.5 = 7psi

1.0 = 15 psi (technically its 14.7 but for the sake of easiness)

that website says 1 bar = 14.5 PSI :(

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Some say its 14.5, others say 14.7. Who bloody knows. I still round it off to 15 though haha

Just to be an anus I'll clarify this 1 :(

14.7 PSI is equal to 1 Atmosphere of pressure

14.5 PSI is equal to 1 Bar of pressure

I used to think Atmosphere & Bar were the same like many other people probably do, but this is not the case.

Edited by JazzaR33
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Thanks for the claification Jazza. Infact anyone with an AVCR, it reads in kg/cm2 which is less again at 14.2psi. So I was running less boost than I thought!

Yeah I hadn't even bothered to find that one out yet, good to know though. I actually like the fact the Japs use all metric measurement (although mmHg was a bit of an odd measurement for boost, thanks Nissan), it's less confusing, I'm just not used to it. Would be good if we all followed suit.

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For me I like it because everything is easier to calculate with metric stuff. With imperial you have to use coefficients all the time to convert from 1 set of measurements to another, it's old fashioned & out of datem & absolutely mad to still be using it IMO. An example is converting CC's to Litres; divide by 1000, piece of cake. Now try & do the same thing converting cubic inches to Gallons.......

This is only the tip of the iceburg when it comes to how logical the metric system is. The only reason we're not all metric with this stuff is the bloody YANKS & to a lesser degree the POMS, who still cling on to some imperial stuff.

Just about every other country primarily uses metric now days.

Edited by JazzaR33
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but really wether ur boost guage says 14psi or 1 bar you dont sit there converting it if it says 14psi

if mine read 1 bar i would want to know how many psi it is

cause for turbos PSI seems more accurate of how much boost you can make and should tune your turbo to

me ive never been into weather so barimetric pressure means nothing :laugh:

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just to help clear things up for PRO AERO

The units of measure are: "bar"= Barometric pressure units.

1 Bar = 14.7psi (or so)

psi = "pounds per square inch."

so if a car is running at 0.8 bar, its doing around say 11psi or so but im no good at maths

Edited by Pauly33GTS-t
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That gives us a conversion ratio of 14.50377375, not 14.7 as mentioned before. Can anyone clear up the confusion?

Edited by Howie
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