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The Epa Thread/Roadworthy Thread


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I've noticed a heap of EPA threads about people asking the general process etc. of what happens, so I thought if you have any questions, ask them in the one thread, and chances are they may have all been answered. I've been there twice myself, so I could give some pointers :laugh:

EDIT: R31Nismoid.

Just to note, if people post a question thats already been asked. Your post will be removed.

Also please avoid any chit-chat. This is a factual help thread only

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As per another thread i had posted :

I got the letter in the mail from when i was defected back in nov....

They were cool very nice and for a change helpful the informative as to what was wrong with the car and how I could go about having each thing fixed, after all the shit i went through with vic roads I was impressed.

I have until the 20th of March the guy was super nice and gave me an extra week to have it all clear in which time i can drive the car around without any worries.

After that Ii can only go to and from place of repair and then high chance of rego getting suspended as per a normal defect...

In regards to what do they look for id prob saying everything the guy who did the check on the car is a qualified mechanic not a wanker who knows nothing about cars.. So he took one look at my turbo and goes lol that isn’t a stocki is it which was cool...

He was cool about my plenum he said end of the day its not going to make all that much of a difference...

I would look at the whole situation as to how you approach the place, if you go pissed off because you have to be there and look like a wanker they will treat you as one and have no respect for you... If you are polite and ask questions to the problems with each thing they pick for your own information more too why are you doing this and this in regards to is it just to piss you off you will find them extremely helpful. EPA are not like vic roads or the police they have a purpose and a law to follow and unlike my original thought before I went the just follow that and go from there… I was even given a modifying a vehicle hand book to help is what I can and cant do which I think most of us all know about

He also informed me of having a test done on the car which is a complete emissions test and although it's expensive ($1300 - $3000) It is possible to pass with an aftermarket ecu, bigger turbo and a few other goodies which we all like to run all we have to do is get it right....

Happy to answer any other questions people have in regards to all this, of course none of it is law as I’m not an epa officer but I can advise as to what I have been told and the encounter I had.

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Useful links:

Legal stuff

Traffic Law in Victoria < READ THIS!

Approved EPA Testers

EPA Guidelines (2006)

Is it legal to drive a 33 GTS-t on P's?

The answer can be found here

.....more info in regards to P platers and high powered vehicles can be found on the VicRoads website here

Information on Victorias new graduated licencing system can be found here

Vehicle standards information from VicRoads can be found here

Thread on legal/illegal Mods in VIC can be found here

Information on certification of mods on your car can be found here


Police powers (pdf file)

Confederation of Australian Motorsport

Some information from the EPA in regards to pod filters on EFI vehicles.


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was wondering if i had a screamer pipe installed and was caught by an epa officer, is it an 'on the spot' fine (of $5000 or so i've heard), or do they give you time to replace the mod like other defects?

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You'll have to ask the EPA on that one for the clarification.

General practice seems to be you will be reported and the EPA will go right over you.

And yes, if you have a removable screamer you'll still be pinned for it same as a silencer. If its not welded, its no good.

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What about silencers/mufflers... do they have to be actually welded into the pipework?

Because my next car i want to set it up so i can easily swap and change just sections of the exhaust instead of changing the entire thing for track and street.

ie. unboltable resonators, mufflers and CATs

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Technically any muffler can be "removeable" as they can jut be flanged...

But it only applies the the silencers you see on some jap exhausts etc which are held in by one bolt. Thats not acceptable.

They must be welded into place :P

You'll be right with mufflers/ressie swapping without a drama

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I have a question about a "canary" which i got this afternoon, they got me for bald tyres, EBC, cooler/pod, handbrake needed adjusting and my window washer nozel needed adjusting..

Now i'm not complaining as much as it sucks balls, but they said that i need to make an appointment with vic roads and take my car and my roadworthy cert there aswell.. i've spoken to a few friends who have received unroadworthy's in the past years and they said that they dont check your car...

Now is this true? Will vic roads want to see my vehicle prior to removing the sticker and clearing the defect?

Thanks for your help guys...


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Patience please... Not even 24 hours and you expect a response? :P

Legally your required to take your car there. You must book an appointment in advance, dont try just rocking up and getting one as they could be full.

That said however, you might get lucky if you go there on a Friday @ 3.45pm or there abouts.

Being the line will be out the door VicRoads might take the RWC and clear it on the system without seeing the car.

Its worth a shot, worst case they dont clear it and you have to come back another day with an appointment.

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LoL my bad... thanks for that Ash... do you know if vic roads inspect the car, will they just check what was meant to be fixed or will they go over the whole car again considering TMU already did...

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They will just check whats on the notice generally speaking

Being the RWC will pickup anything else that might be unroadworthy on the car like oil leaks, stuffed boots etc etc

So there should not be anything else to pick on. But VicRoads "should" do the usual basic checks i believe.

I think the visit should be about 20-30mins from past peoples expirience.

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Cool thanks again Ash, I just hope that vic roads don't bother checking again just in case the police missed something then i have to pay and get another rwc, if that happens my reg will be suspended cos i wont have the time to get it sorted for a second time.. and i hope they don't send me to macloud..

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Ok i have another questions now... Can i have an enclosed pod filter and a intercooler or must i be a completely standard air box and intercooler? Or Pod and standard cooler...

But yea i'm curious to know if it only can be standard air box or can you have a pod enclosed in a made up air box?

Thanks again everyone!

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almost certain that it will be pod OR front mount, regardless whether the pod is enclosed. I'd imagine the two together would still be considered two intake mods?

yea i thaught so... another thing i wanted to ask was if you go for a test to macloud and you have to go back to stock but you had a high flowed standard turbo, would you have to take it off?

i know i'm asking a few questions but thanks everyone for helping :rofl:

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almost certain that it will be pod OR front mount, regardless whether the pod is enclosed. I'd imagine the two together would still be considered two intake mods?

What about a pod and a bigger core smic ?

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Ok i just had my car cleared through the EPA...

want a Hint on what to do... Make it stock no pod, keep your cooler and u pass simple :D

Cas trust me... If your car has a mod they will ask you to remove it, IF it's a emissions related if u have a 12inch momo non padded center steering wheel they dont care it's not their problem...

Might save a lot of pointless trips for some.....

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