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Car Wont Start + Exhaust Temp Warning Light On Now?


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At the moment my car has a coolant leak so I don't drive it but I've been kicking it over for 5-10mins every few days.

I've been having some problems with the battery, the negative terminal seems to have corroded a fair bit and was hard getting good connection but is firmly on at the moment and should be getting a good connection.

My car wouldnt start the other day so my mate used jumper cables to get mine going off his battery and after a while the hicas and battery light (I think) went off (hicas seems to come on whenever the battery's been playing up and power steer hasn't worked until hicas light goes off). It was good for a few days that I started then one day it kicked over fine but after a few mins the revs started dropping, I stabbed the accelerator a bit to see if they'd kick back up but they came down again and car stalled and then wouldnt start again.

Today I tried starting it and still wont start. I think before you could hear it trying to start a little but now just seems like it goes 'CLICK' when you turn the key and thats it? Also a new warning light has come on, appears to be for exhaust temp ( =*=). What does this light mean and why would it have come on?

I also had a look at the fuel pressure gauge on my FPR and it was on 0psi even after pump had primed. Should the gauge show pressure once car is on and pump primed or not till car is actually started? Fuel light isn't on but level is low, could maybe be out of fuel do you think? But wouldn't it still try and start (ie I'd hear a br-rr-rr noise? lol) Also has aftermarket in-tank fuel pump (Walbro) in case that matters.

If you guys dont think its anything else and is probably the battery then I'll go get a new one and see if that fixes it.

Thanks in advance! ;)

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had a similar problem on my RB25, check all your battery connections and check the power under your bonnet at the fuse box make sure there tight, i think your ignition power will be loose, take the leads off give them a clean and put back on and tighten up.

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