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Golf R32 Badge

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Hey just wondering if anyone with a 32 has put 1 of those golf chrome r32 badge's on it? if so lets see some pics.

they stole the name so i was thinking of stealing their badge in pay back, thought it might look funky although i may lose some power from this move.

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meh, each to their own. I actually don't mind the r32 golf badge, but knowing volkswagon it would probably cost +$500 for a chunk of metal. They freakin charge $1000 for metallic paint!

teh GTR badge will be more than enough to offset the loss in power, if you fitted a GTi badge it would be a different story...

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I believe the word used was stealing the badge.. Not paying :)...... I reckon it would be ok, most importantly for looks would be placement lol... i cant imagine placing it anywhere that would look really good! Photoshop it on 1st 2 c if its worth it lol. Some bodykit places sell badges like that, carmate in villawood Sydney is one i know of. Ebay maybe?


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