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Show Me Your Racing Machines


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Just want to see what sort of Track/Race/Rally Skylines are around. Throw up some spec's if you want.

No streeters please.

This is my budjet build club rally car, setup for gravel and tarmac. -Just running a stock RB20DE until I build up another unit with some power. It's got adustable suspension, 6 point cage, harnesses etc and is fully race and road legal for around $6K NZ.



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My old track car which i brought for about 3500$ as a wreak abd before you say it....it still is :-)

And before you say it i know its dusty havent washed as just got back after a month in Ghana




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mine's not a skyline, but it goes ok :D

It's a budget 100% backyard build, using mostly various types of leftover factory Nissan parts from different models.


Did 1:09 flat at Wakefield, (which I am hoping to beat on Saturday) and should be well under my previous 1:54.8 at Eastern Creek in a couple of weeks.

It's currently road registered, but won't be for a whole lot longer. I'm planning to run in Improved Production next year if all goes according to plan.



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Ah goodie was about to create a thread like this myself, the more pics the better from any angle of any car as im getting ideas for my current build.

I damaged my r32 gtr drag racing so I bought another street gtr and have decided to keep this damaged 1 as my dedicated circuit car. So far im only in the process of stripping it down (prob another week or so of that) then I need to weld up the damage, paint the interior, boot and engine bay and get some and then start assembling it again.

Nothing exciting but here are some pics of where im at so far:

post-1296-1184832590_thumb.jpg post-1296-1184832645_thumb.jpg

post-1296-1184832735_thumb.jpg post-1296-1184832810_thumb.jpg

post-1296-1184832940_thumb.jpg post-1296-1184832968_thumb.jpg

post-1296-1184833060_thumb.jpg post-1296-1184833115_thumb.jpg

Hopefully it's back on the road by Xmas time.

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Heres my shitter...

Most of you know it, Blown VH45 Powered 33 on methanol, full andra cage ran 10.17 to date on stock internals, new engine is a few weeks from completion hoping for some good 9's out of it.







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Here is a quick photo of our r33 race car. Pure circuit!

Dont ask how much has been spent either.


So.......how much has been spent :D

Looks like an Origin wing there Michael?? Nice flames.......does it go?? :laughing-smiley-014:

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Its great to see a few skylines out there racing these days, used to be as rare as hens teeth

here's our little stocker

started like this


second attempt


finally after 4 years of hard work (and money)




and here is one of ours and Mark's car (during the only 4 days they looked like this lol)


and Mark's race car at Autosalon


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how much was spent?

I believe its gotten so high now that we dont keep track.......if you dont think about it, you cant lose sleep over it.

House in the country.....i was thinking more along the lines of a nice apartment in the city :D

Does yours go simon? Ours goes when its not bogged down with problems.

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