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Carmate Hid Kits

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You will need to a converter and light charger to power the HID lamps. If you do not know anything about HID kits - I suggest you should get it done by a qualified fitter. You can get the guys like Autobarn, Strathfields etc to install it for you - labour would be around $120, I think.

By the way, just so that you know - HID'S are not approved for road use and you may be stopped by the cops.


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From my experience, all HID kits are plug and play. Instead of connecting the power cable to your globes, they go into your ballast (which you get when you purchase a HID kit), which then goes into your new HID globes. It shouldn't be all that hard.

Didn't R34's come with HID's from factory? Or was it an option? If your car had HID's back in Japan, it shouldn't be too hard to find some genuine HID globes and ballasts from yahooauctions is it?

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total ripoff for $250

don't trust CarMate, their customer service is shocking and their goods are even worse

apart from that, you won't be able to use that HID in your current lights if they are the non-xenon ones, they'll create too much glare, the only way round that is to retrofit some projectors from a proper HID car or sell those lights and buy proper R34 HIDs, but expect to pay a bit for them($700+)

if they are HID and the balast was basically cut and removed when complianced(not here in NZ luckily :laugh:)

then get 6500k bulbs+ballast, preferably Phillips or Hella, just make sure when you reinstall them, they should have autobalancers i think?

althuogh i'm not totally sure on the R34s, but i know most cars with HIDs do, to stop you from blinding people while going uphill, round corners and over bumps :domokun:

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