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Sr20det Into R32

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I have put an SR20DET into my R32. I have the engine loom and wiring diagrams for the interior loom of 200SX/Silvia S14 etc but cant seem to find any wiring diagrams for the R32 interior main harness where the engine loom joins onto the main harness, i need to know the pin outs (not for the ECU) for the connectors so i can splice them together with the SR20DET.

If anyone has any diagrams i would be very grateful.

Thanks John

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I've never seen one.

Half of the dash plug wires can be traced directly back to the ecu so the 32 pinout diagram works for those. The rest need to be traced back into the engine loom, which is easy enough to do with a continuity tester and a second pair of hands. Find which plug it runs to, figure out what the plugs into and you know what it is.

There are a few wires running direct into the engine loom off the top of my head (later model r32) 2 wires for the water temp sensor for the climate control, 2 wires for the fuel pump speed dropping resistor, 1 wire for the water temp gauge, 1 wire for the ac on trigger, 1 wire tied into the wipers (you need to strip the wiper loom out of the r32 engine loom and keep it). I'm sure i've forgotten a few but that gives you 7 of the roughly 20 wires on the dash plugs, and about 10 go to the ecu.

I had to add the fuel pump dropping resistor plug and the climate control temp sensor plug into the rb25 loom when i did that swap.

Hope that helps a bit.

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