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New Rb30/26 Goin In My Hr31

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Hey guys just wondering if u's have ever done a brake upgrade on a hr31...

If u could list as much info would be greatly appreciated :cool:

I dont really like the idea of drilling rotors...

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rotors are drilled from the factory so why exactly is an extra 3 holes going to matter???

I've drilled hundreds of rotors and never had any problems nor Have I ever heard of anyone else having problems.

If you want to keep the 4 stud, drill a set of GTR rotors bolt the callipers up and away you go. If your sketchy about drilling rotors pay a workshop to do it and let them worry if anything goes wrong (which it never will)

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Depends what type of upgrade you are looking to do.

Well considering my power is increasing.

I better do some work stopping her.

Car is soley 4 drift.

With drilling GTR rotors can i use the 31 calipers or do i have 2 use GTR calipers ?

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