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Good Cheap Alarm

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As the topis states i just want a good cheap alarm that basically just has an engine immobiliser and a siren. Simple and effective.

What brand / model should i be looking at?

Pref aus strandards approved

I'm over these alarms with heaps of features etc. My last alarm was a page guard vision gaurd system that just stopped working one day. The thing had a colour screen pager, sensors everywhere, auto start, theft camera all this stuff and yet was not reliable and just died in the end. I now just want something cheap thats gonna help protect my car and basically just work. I* fugure the less fancy functions and bells and whistles the less there is to break on the thing.

Any thoughts?

Im in melb also if anyone knows where to get some from.


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Also the Alarm i had in there is still in the car i.e all the wiring for it etc yet i have removed the control unit for it. Will this alarm still being there make for a real hassle for a new one to be installed?

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look at autowatch - 160RLI. there is better but you said cheap and aus stds. sounds like you had an ebay special with the other one.

Dunno but i wouldn't be suprised - bought it off a guy for $$. Was brand new but was crap either way. I'll have a look at the autowatch - thanks chris

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how much are you looking at spending?

the dynatrons aren't that expensive, i think you can get the base model 4-5 star starting at $275, then add on installation

all black wiring, goes with turbo timer, not much else, but a really really reliable and good alarm

or an AVS

just make sure when you do get it, you don't post what you've got up here :P

and don't put any stickers on the car saying what it is, especially if it's a cheap ebay style alarm

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Yeah that's another one :P Mongoose!!! totally forgot about them :)

they do 4 and 5 star rated alarms quite cheap as well

I think you should go one of them, rather than one of the easy to bypass Pager alarms from ebay or wherever...it's your car though, so if you don't care about it too much, skimp out on a cheapie

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i went to garys car radio in preeston, they did me a viper1000 alarm installed for 460 i think, it was a yr ago but had no issues. that included the relay for the turbo timer and also has the options for a remote start or boot release. i have neither was more $$

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personal experience tells me to stay away from autowatch (worked in the industry for a while) - go with mongoose for the premium equipment or look at dynamco stuff, you'll see them sold as cyclops sold at places like strathfield, they are rebranded dynamco ones. Almost all of their systems are aust. approved and fairly easy to install.

Most good auto-elects can get the dynamco ones sold under a brand called OEX - they offer a good warranty, good instructions and OEX is a worldwide recognised trademark in the auto-electrical field (most of those replacement or new starter motors or alternators you buy are brought in to aust by OEX)

If you need more info let me know

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