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Are Bilsteins Any Good?

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Hi all, my R33 is in desperate need of some new shocks and a friend of mine told me to buy Bilsteins cos they are the best. So my question is this, does he know what he's talking about and what is the price range im looking at for a set of lowered Bilstein shocks? I don't need adjustables, just normal lowered shocks.


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Ok check the group buy section for Sydney Kids blisteins/whiteline combo

Yes your firend is right.. They make very good quality shocks and coilovers!!

Cost is about 1.2k all up for all 4 including blistein shocks and lowered whiteline springs!!

I say go for it..

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sounds like it could be on the of the older model, non dampner adjustable ones?

if it is, they shoudl be all good, just make sure it's got Bilstein embedded on it and not any other brand, you could always see if there is a marking or serial number on it and check the number with Whiteline?

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