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R33 Calipers / Pads / Rotors & Hubs - Sydney

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hey chaps, just getting rid of some leftovers from a R33 GTS-T wreck

front hubs, backing plates $150 pair

Front calipers SOLD

front rotors - $80

rear calipers - $150

rear rotors - $70

R33 GTST VLSD diff, good condition, spins freely -$150 SOLD

Located in southern sydney

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still for sale!

price drops & rear calipers added

keen on rear discs and calipers.. freight/total cost to 7018 please.. let me know via pm.. very keen also wondering if you happen to have the drum shoes to go with? also, you have these, or other ones in another thread for the calipers and discs for $150 combined.. is that the current asking price?


cheers, Kent

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