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R33 Series 2 Ecu Reset Etc.

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Hi Guys,

I know there are several threads on ECU resetting, AFM cleaning etc. but I just wanted to know some specifics...yes, I'm a noob.

- In regards to ECU reset, does the 'remove neg battery terminal, then pump the brake pedal a few times' trick work for the R33? I've heard that it only works for the R32.

- Does the series 2 have an alarm as standard - or just the immobiliser? If so, how can it be disarmed?

- I plan on cleaning the AFM this weekend, and got hold of some Nulon brakeclean. Will that do the trick?

- After an ECU reset, is it better to take the car for a long run? Do you thrash it or take it easy i.e does it make a difference?


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correct me if i am wrong but the r33 series 2 didnt come with an imobiliser, maybe a factory option? If i did we wouldnt have to spend all that money on one to insure the thing.

Also i personally prefer the method of resetting the ecu using the diagnostic plug and shorting the 2 wires this way it also tells you if anything is wrong with your car via the flashing light in dash, also elimates the need to disconnect the battery and avoid any alarm issues.

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the factory immobiliser, alarm system wont care if you do ecu reset. ive got the factory immobiliser/alarm and ive flattened my battery a ton of times and even changed the ecu, and it doesnt care. no need to trash it exactly, just drive normally. it only advanced the timing like 2deg

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i don't think the r33 even learns at all. resetting it will clear any errors. not every ecu will actually learn driving styles. i haven't ever heard anything about the r33 having an adaptive learning ecu.

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