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All SA import owners.

Due to the huge increase in import car thefts over the last 6 months, this might be an appropriate time to post genuine tips to prevent the theft of your pride and joy (please, not general discussion polluting the thread).

I would rather prevetative steps from this forum (and this thread) stop another member becoming the victim of motor vehicle crime than have to read another "Car Stolen" thread.

I'll start with a quick and simple tip if selling your car (as we know, many a car thief trolls the classifieds for potential targets). It may prevent crooks from stealing it (as you are no longer a soft target), and will definitely assist SAPol with follow-up if it is stolen.

Request EVERY person who inspects your car for their driver's licence, check it and record the number. Inform them when you arrange a meeting place that you require this (also covers your arse (a little) in an accident). Chances are, they will not steal it after you have done this, and if they do, you have something tangible for Police to follow-up.

Unless your car is stolen in a public place where there may be footage, there is pretty much nothing that can be done other than a doorknock if stolen from a residential area until the Police either chase it when located, or find it burnt out somewhere.

Also, NEVER let interested parties come to your house. Meet them at the nearest shopping centre car park.

Best of luck.

PS. If there is enough info and interest, perhaps the mods can make this a sticky and keep the thread clean.

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i would say NEVER and i mean NEVER leave your car running or keys in the ignition to quickly pay for fuel or get smoke @ the deli

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i used to live at a unit were my car had to sleep on the street, if the prik makes it into your car these are the things i used to have.... 2 club locks, 1 on the steering wheel, the other wedged underneath the handbrake and pushed against the gear stick with it in 1st gear, also had an immobiliser and believe it or not i had a baby monitor under neath the driver side seat and the reciever by my bed. now i have moved and have off street parking in a compound... :D

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lol a baby monitor thats a really really good idea, if you have to park somewhere out in the open like on the street :D personally i like to use a clublock as well as having a alarm because its a really good visible deterrent.

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Apart from get an alarm/immobiliser (do your research on the latter too!) I think if you're selling your car I'd recommend that you go for the ride at ALL test drives. No harm in doing so.

If you park at night, usually a brightly lit space is much better, i.e. under a lamp and walk a bit further. Unless you have an alarm ofcourse.

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Got my alarm fitted yesterday, its a <steal my car now> pager, remote start/stop, 4 point immobilizer, boot, door, bonnet protection, internal siren. very pleased...works a treat.

might wanna edit your post....

I think the OP nailed it in his own words

there is pretty much nothing that can be done

If someone wants your car bad enough, then u are screwed. Unless u plan on sleeping in it or never driving it...

Basically these days we have to dodge thieves on one side and the cops on the other....why cant they leave us alone and just play with each other :D

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