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Gym And Supplement Discussion


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What do you guys think about how often to hit a muscle group. I think a part of my problem is overtraining, but at the same time I don't do heavy enough weight to feel lik I could hit squat once a week only. 

If I drop this idea of "gains", which just doesn't seem doable with my current project work load as in working around the property etc so less recovery time, and just thinkg general fitness/maintenance then what does that look like in a routine of 3x 30min sessions? 

Something like; 

Ez Bar Curls
Close Grip Bench

Ez Bar Rows

Weighted Chins
Weight Dips

That drops dumbell curls completely, removes some close grip bench, but also drops good mornings which might be better for me as lower back strength/core strength is important, but I would like bigger arms. I have an ok size chest/glutes for my naturally slender frame, but would like bigger arms, the last time They were an OK size to me, i was at 92kg bodyweight and carrying a bit more body fat. I can't see myself getting back to 92kg without serious dedicaiton, I'm too busy, too injury prone. I had no kids back then. 

Or suggest a good maintenance routine that I can knock over in 30mins or so (not inc warm up etc) and maintain 3x a week. 



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On 12/4/2019 at 11:16 AM, Adz2332 said:

can someone recommend someone in South australia for PT training and what not?

But not someone fresh faced out of school. wanting someone who really knows what he/she is doing etc

Go see David Holland @ Holland Performance, tell him Ash sent you!

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Biggest thing I can add to this is Diet/Rest...

Most people say or think they are eating well, right or the correct amount but infact are way off and terribly inconsistent.

Download Myfitnesspal if you haven't already and monitor for one month every single thing you consume (food and drink).

Get some consistency and method into that then focus on rest (sleep).

Once you have that down pat training (working out) will become more effective (less injuries) and you will start seeing greater gains.

Don't expect miracles overnight...

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I can probably mostly pre-fill it now. I'll look at it. 

As for the routine itself, is something lke I suggested overtraining still given the repetition of certain exercises? 

Is there a generally agreed good full body weekly routine for beginners/intermediate? 

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Age is a big part with overtraining.


Plus whether you are doing heavy low rep stuff that smashes your CNS, or high volume stuff that doesn't really have alot of effect on the CNS.

For emample, I use to do the 531 program, on Tuesdays it was heavy deads followed by 5 x 10 squats, then on Friday, heavy Squats followed by 5 x 10 of deads.



In all my time training the strongest I got, with the lesst amount of injuries was with this.


I didn't deload ad much as what the first edition required, I would deload every 2 months maybe???

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1 hour ago, ActionDan said:

I was just doing some reading on overtraining and, food, sleep, and stress play into it as well.




so many people are guilty of this, I think we've all been there, I know I have... my best results were typically coming from 3 x 1 hour sessions per week...

As for specific training, to be honest you need to find more so what you enjoy...

Over the years I have found it really hard to get motivated doing some different forms of training but other forms I almost get to a grumpy stage if I don't get in my sesh for the week...

I personally am a big fan of training around a power-lifting style... Focus on the 3 big lifts...

This doesn't mean you only squat, bench and dead but you base your training around those... 

Experiment with what you enjoy and base your training around that...

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On 24/12/2019 at 8:42 PM, ActionDan said:

What does deloading look like for you all?

I am guilty of completely ignoring this concept.

Around the 6 to 8 week mark I take a week off, still do mobility stuff but no heavy or volume at all.

At 54 I really need this time to rest my joints.




Edited by Duncan
Removed at OP request
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  • 2 months later...

Small update to this. 

Haven't lifted much since then, elbow is still tender so letting it rest. 

Have found a local strength coach and am looking at doing a session with him a week starting a few weeks time when my arm is hopefully good. 

We had a good chat about my past injuries, numbers, goals etc. He's view is I've over trained for a long time, ignored my body's signals for rest etc that I'd get better results actually dialing back a little and accepting I'm almost 450 now and will need to train differently through the next decade. 

See howwe go once I heal up, dunno how that will go though as we come into firewood season and I have 2 sheds to build. 

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  • 1 year later...

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