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bad buisness

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Originally posted by greygirl1976

how honest sould ppl in buisness be?????

if that's meant to say: "How honest should people in business be?", umm I'd say completely honest :D

as for the rest of the post, NFI :confused:

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That shouldn't be a loophole. He should still be accountable. Was the other business name registered as bankrupt or something?

I would say you can get the money, but it won't be quick, you'll want a good lawyer (e.g better than his) and it WILL cost you.



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Guest Oz Elitesport

Changing the name of a company/ business is not a loop hole for not having to pay wages to an employee. Join a union if there is one and tell them about it. Complain to the mechanics association? If this exists. And like the above people have said go to industrial relations.

On the side if you know he has been dodgy with tax, call the tax department. If he hasn't paid super, call this department as well. They will audit his ass straight away.

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we have called the tax man. there is not much they can do as there is little work on the books. all invoices for work dodgy.

he still is operating in brizy and ripping poor ppl off who get work done on there cars as well.

i will sink them. i think today tonight everyone should know how scummy they are

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I can understand how easy it is to weasel out of paying someone. I took a Mr Asia computer dealer to court a few years ago, he sold me a P2-300 overclocked to 450 as a legitimate 450. It was quite cheap though (the only good thing) but when I opened the case I found it was just an overclocked 300.

It wasn't the money I was interested in (I paid around $200 more than I should have for a p2-300, but around $200 less than a 450), it was the principle, and I hoped to stop him ripping off other people in the future.

I took him to court (he didn't show up), presented my case and won, sent the sheriffs around to collect the money (costing me another $50), and when they asked him his name and he said yes, they told him why they were there. He then said "Oh, that isn't me, this is me, the guy you mentioned went back to China a few weeks ago" and pulled out an expired security guard licence with a variation of his name's spelling.

Because of that, the sheriffs couldn't do anything. They sent me a letter explaining that the guy was dodgy and that they believed that he was the guy in question, but because of the stupid laws in this country they couldn't do anything at all. They said they would forward the case to investigations but this was like 4 or 5 years ago and I don't ever expect to hear anything again.

I have to ask though, why did you let this guy get $14000 of free work out of you? Were you just not paid at all during all this time? Or did he pay you a little bit, and say he'd give you the rest later? Good luck with it I hope you drag the bastard over the coals. I hate people that rip others off.

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I thought this forum was to talk about nissan cars and how to have fun in them. Not talk crap about peoples personal lives. Everyone is owed $ from people some people are owed $5.00 some people $100000 who gives a s**t. Lots of people owe me $ thats life. If your dumb enough to work at a place and not get paid thats your problem. There is allways two sides to every story. We have heard yours, nobody has heard the shop you worked at story. Without hearing both sides how do we know this is true. Im not standing up for any one I just thought this forum was set up to talk about cars not crap!!!!!!!!! GO on Jerry Springer......

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Nice work bruce32.

Not only have you just put down greygirls issues (I am sorry to hear that, greygirl, 'specially with your baby on the way) but you just defeated the issue you were trying to raise.

Where in your post did you you talk about your car? You mentioned nothing except whinging about how someone has an issue with thier work.

I can only hope you post more then twice so I can cut you down agian.

Bah, then again, i don't think I will waste my time.

'nuff said.

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x2shy I went to Queensland Raceway yesterday and used my skyline there you go i talked about cars. It rained which made it even more fun for drifting.

Bah but then again you ppl want to whinge I wont waste my time any more on this subject. nuff said. By the way x2shy while we are on the matter of bad business' why dont you ask greygirl why do they promote a shop called SB performance but when ppl want wk done they cant do it and dont even give out an address for ppl to go and see their wk. My mate got stuffed around by greygirl for over a month trying to get wk done by them but to find out the shop doesnt exist. How is that GOOD business??

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