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The Excitement And Quickness Of A New Car

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i bought my 1st skyline a week ago (stock 1996 r33 gts-t). i came from a mazda eunos 30x which i still got, so the difference between the 2 is still pretty big although i havnt driven the mazda in like a week. when i 1st drove my skyline i thought f**k me this is quick, it was quicker then mi dads stock auto vx commo and it was a manual which made it feel quicker and funner to drive. now wen i drive it, it just doesnt feel 'quick' anymore, i dont know could it be the clutch? i mean i have been kicking it around corners quite a bit, how do i test if its slipping? or have i just been bitten by the modification bug. or could i be i filled up a tank using 95/96fuel, ok i know i didnt WANT to put it in but the boss owed me some petrol money and his fuel card was only for this station which didnt have 98RON fuel and i didnt wna sound like a fussy cnt, used 2 tanks of 98 since.

could it just be that im not driving it hard enough? i mean in the vx when i plant my foot, it drops back a gear and redlines the gears, but in my skyline wen i wna go fast i usualy take the revs to 5000 or 5500 it still gives power after that i just dont wna kill my engine. how hard do u guys drive ur cars? if i redline the gears ocasionaly (only a few times a week for example) will my car still love me in a years time?

also 1 other thing, this has happend to me a few times, wen i rev it and drop the clutch from a stop, 1st gear spins like crazy and mi rpm shoots up quickly, so i go to change to 2nd but it didnt engage properly so it reved hard, it hapens so quickly that i automaticly change into 3rd and does the same thing i then i ease off accel and drive off nomally in 3rd, at 1st i thought i f**ked mi clutch but i think it just didnt pop into gear properly even tho i threw it in there prety hard. does this happen to any1 else or do i just need to throw it harder into gear wen im reving her hard

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Its not that your car has gotten slower its you have gotten used to it. A stock GTST while it still goes "Alright" and better then your mazda. It will be a COMPLETELY different car with some mods.

For example you say the cars stock, add the following.

Pod Filter

3 Inch Turbo back exhaust with a high flow cat (or no cat if you are game)

good quality front mount intercooler

Electronic Boost controller and set it at around 12psi-13psi

You might need a heavy duty clutch too

All up that should cost you no more then $2500 - $3000

But the difference it does to your car will be HUGE! you will notice it.

Later on you can get a Aftermarket ECU like a power fc

Bigger Injectors


A new turbo... GTRS or something

A Retune and hello 250rwkw or more.

On another note, RB engines were designed to REV so redlining it isnt that bad for them as long as you arent bouncing off the limiter 24/7

VX Commodore ............ LOL! that is all.

Edited by Skyrin3
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sounds like your giving your car a hard initiation. If its reving out and your not moving anywhere expecially if your in 3rd then your clutch is out. Using 95ron will affect performance, should stick to 98. Its a turbo so you can't just drop it back anytime like your commo and expect it to go, you have to be in the right gear/rev range to get on boost and avoid lag.

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ur just getting used to the power, after all its not THAT much power.

get some decent suspension and learn to drive ur car properly, ull find a new found enjoyment and appreciation for ur car.

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lol at this thread. can your car even hit redline? (i doubt very much a VX can) most skylines have a rev limiter.

In saying that, mine revs right out, though thats with a little help from a good tune and a microtech ecu.

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by redline i mean 7grand.

btw wat would my rev limiter be?? and i assume it will be the same in neutral as well as all the gears except 5th coz of the factory speed limiter ?

id rather ask these questions then just floor the living shit out of my new car

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by redline i mean 7grand.

btw wat would my rev limiter be?? and i assume it will be the same in neutral as well as all the gears except 5th coz of the factory speed limiter ?

id rather ask these questions then just floor the living shit out of my new car

"A rev limiter is a device fitted to an internal combustion engine to restrict its maximum rotational speed. This is usually carried out to prevent damage to the engine, however sometimes these devices are fitted to prevent an engine reaching the point at which it develops maximum power. This may be useful in a driving school car or similar, or utilised in systems preventing valet parking operatives from joy-riding in high performance vehicles placed in their charge. When fitted to racing or modified street cars these adjustable devices provide more precise control than the original components built in by the manufacturer. Limiters can be used in conjunction with a shift light, which illuminates when the desired RPM is reached, indicating to the driver that a gear change is required. This allows the driver to keep his eye on the road and not have to glance repeatedly at the tachometer to monitor the engine speed."
Edited by eeiko321
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i know wat a rev limiter is, im asking wat its set to

well im not sure with the GTS-T

well every car is different.....(with mods that is)

but the best way you would be able to know for certain...

get the mods you want........take it to the Dyno......

there will be every detail on what your cars performance...

and its peak power at what certain REVS as well as torque..

then you will have a better idea of how much to rev to...

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Dont put on a pod, it will only suck hot air, get a good aftermarket panel filter, if youve got a pod enclose it.


PS, buy a gsxr1000 and you will never feel like you need more power, or more likely you will never be able to use it.

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just punch second gear and see where it stops accellerating, a quick second on the limiter shouldnt do any damage, and i beleive its 6800rpm on a rb25det, someone feel free to correct, ive got my limiter set at 7000 on my 25 and i hit it every day it rains. loves it.

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this is very odd........(original post heading)

After almost 5 years of GTSTing (33), I sold my car still thinking it was farking quick...only 185rwkw...but geesh it felt quicker; very scary when boosting around a corner, (purposely or not)...I often thought that this car could kill me if I was not thinking straight, or didn't give her my full and undivided attention. (moreso than any other car I've owned).

My V35 overall is much better at being a 'driver's' car...(imho)....but that RB25DET turbo 'snatch' I miss, yes...mmmmm.

The GTST, in good tune, with some basic mods and with good mechanicals is not a slow car, it can bite real hard.....but my beautiful V35 doesn't!! (LOL!!!!)

The Excitement's gone?????...already????

Maybe the original poster's clutch is slipping like f**k....or the car has some other issues.....(????)

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same here.. i got my gts-t drove it for 2 hours.. yup.. its not so 'fast' anymore. its fast when ur first in it.. but you get used to it, therefore, its STILL Fast, your just used to the fast-ness. LOL

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You may have some issues with the car. Never found my one slow- owned R33gtst 7 years and only first few days working best engine revs in each gear.It was only a stocker--but it was healthy. Still miss it.Even though the V35 is better all round.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm all for saying getting used to the power.

Ive got all the main mods before changing turbo done (Except for ECU - own but not installed**)

(so i will guesstimate 180rwkw)

It doesn't feel that quick to me when i drive the car a bit.

I mostly drive around a Holden Rodeo ute, when i swap back to the R33 for the first time in a couple of weeks all of a sudden it feels really quick again. Not to mention i find the time of day (Temperatures to make a massive difference to the way the car feels), A cool evening the car feels like it flies whereas on a hot day i find it frustrating and beg for more. lol.

As a guide i usually change gears just before 6500 if im really going for it. No point dancing on the limiter, its not like the factory turbo comes onto boost at 5000 and goes on till 7500


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