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Rb30de Vs Vz Alloytec 3.6

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Hi all,

I know this might sound a bit stupid, what is faster etc etc etc. .

But I have not yet finished my RB30DE (which have been told will make around 150kw at the rears from many credible sources). .

Now, as it is not finished (should be in about a month), the suspense is killing me as to what will be faster, my RB30DE in my vl or my mates 05 VZ SV6. .

He assures me that his car will wipe the pants off my vl with the RB30DE . .

Discuss. .

Also just a bit of info on the motor. .

Fully rebuilt,

Custom pistons, 20thou oversize

Spool rods with ARP rod bolts

Linished crank

ACL race series bearings

Balanced bottom end, pitsons rods crank flywheel pressure plate and balancer

Head is a R33 head with vct,

Cams 264 degree 10.7mm lift intake, 270degree 10.2mm exhaust

Very mild port and polish to remove casting marks on intake ports. .

All going through a R33 5 speed and 28 spline LSD turbo vl diff wink.gif

Edited by ...Joshwa
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Power tp weight people!

Vl should kick it.

Is the vz auto or manual.

We had a vz alloytech, manual with rear mufflers removed, on the dyno. 150.5 kw at the wheels.

They are a heavy car with a tall diff ratio, something like 2.8:1 !!

You'll beat him.

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Good diff ratio there. If I had one I'd be pulling that diff apart!!! It's like that for economy, hwy driving etc.

Is it an LSD center? to get you off the line smartly?

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Guys at no point in time has anyone mentioned comp ratio. What are you running in your RB30? This makes huge difference in NA engines...RB engines respond very well to ignition advance and therefore in the NA version, would also respond to high comp ratios...I am not an NA guru but there are many on the forums...Maybe do some searching and find out what will work well with your build...(before you bolt the head on that is....)

Nor have you mentioned area under the torque curve...Looking at peak power figures is close to meaningless when comparing how quick a car will be...

anyway my 2c worth...

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VL Turbo Diff is 3.45:1 lsd centre I believe. See if you can get the comp up to 11:1 and a decent tune and then I would have my bets on the VL. More so if theres a decent length of track involved. Hopefully you wont sit there in wheelspin too much.

VL would have to weigh in 1250-1300 kgs ( I am guessing )

VZ would have to pork the scales at over 1600 kgs ...interesting

Keep us posted on any updates

Edited by GTR-32U
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there are quite a few variables involved, power to weight (mentioned earlier).

traction, specifics on your build will determine drivability also.

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i think in this case the weight of the vz would cancel out the advantage in power

the rb30de with high comp would go well from the getgo, and with the advantage of 4.11 compared to the vz terribly tall diff youd prob nose it in front by 100kays/hour

the alloytec comes into its own at high revs and would be catching you very quickly

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Righto considering I have a very hi comp RB30DE and a close mate of mine actually owns a Alloytec 3.6, I can tell that yes you will beat a standard one and one with very minimal mods i.e. exhaust and intake.

We went to the strip and I trumped him with my SOHC 30E (SOHC 30E = 15.6; Alloytec 3.6 =15.9) now in saying that the Alloytec 3.6's have a very very very shit clutch in them and will slip if you decide to even think about pushing them and a tall diff.

The alloytec make peak power very late in the rev range so basically they will keep up quite well in the high end of the rev range but down low, it's nothing but 30DE brother!

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pfft my stock n/a beats my mates commodores and fords 4.0l with extractors and shift kit and shits.

my other mate has the vz sv6 too, he got me on take off my once im in 2nd weeeeeeee

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Awesome, its good to see someone else building a high comp N/A motor for a vl :D

How did you find the spool rods? From the website they seem to be a strong rod, just interested in what you/maybe your engine builder thought of them? I was thinking of buying a set too for my engine but was a little unsure..

Sorry for being a bit off topic, i think the vl will have it due to the power to weight ratio.. mines about 1210kg off the top of my head but it's just a basic SL model.

Keep us posted! :)


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Alrightio. .

Sorry been at college today wasn't able to reply. .

Somebody asked what comp ratio it is running. . It will be around ~11.6:1, running an autotronic ECU. .

I cant comment on the spool rods in terms of use, as my motor isn't together yet, but I have them here sitting next to me and they look like they are great quality, and they also come with ARP rod bolts, which are essential for higher revs. .

And somebody mentioned torque curve.. Well I dont know yet as it isn't together and tuned yet. . Should be in about a month. .

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I've been hearing good things with turbos on the VZ engine, apparently they're pretty good when the compression is dropped.

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