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Fs: R32 With Rb25det, Engineered

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Hi All,

This is a very regretful sale of my baby / project car that has consumed my blood, sweat and tears(at times literally - well maybe not the tears, but definately the blood and sweat) for the past 3+years. Only reason why i am contemplating selling, is because it looks like i will be heading to remote territory for work, and its no place to have a Skyline. In my opinion this is the best skyline combination(pity they didn't build it from factory), with the classic looks of the R32 and lightweight of the 2wd body and the power and torque of the RB25DET. Anyway, to the car.

All parts/work has been done in the last 10,000kms using new parts. I have listed these parts as new, to indicate they weren't purchased secondhand from a jap wrecker/importer.


89 R32 GTS-T Type M in Factory Black

79K on the Odometer, 75K now on RB25 engine

Professional Conversion, with all extras working(wipers, gauges, aircon etc)

Engineered conversion, with details listed on rego papers

Fully optioned with Factory Electric Sunroof

GTR Replica Front Bar

Type M SideSkirts and Rear Pods

GTR Genuine Rear Wing

NEW Window Tint 19%(Metallic Film - Lifetime Warranty)

9 Months Rego


RB25DET from 97 Series 2 R33 with 65K - Fully Checked and 100k Service Performed(Timing Belt, Tensioners, and Water Pump) before installed.

Standard Turbo (Running 9PSI Boost)

NEW 3" Stainless Split Front Dump Pipe(From BATMBL on Forum)

NEW 3" Stainless CATCO Metal substrate cat (Best flowing flanged cat on market - From BATMBL)

3" TANABE Hyper Medallion Cat Back exhaust with Stainless Rear Muffler (Great flow, with Legal Noise Levels)

NEW BOSCH 044 Fuel Pump - Installed in tank

NEW APEXI Pod Filter with Cold Air Feed Piping


NEW TURBOSMART Boost Tee - Boost Controller

NEW NGK Iridiums 0.8mm gap

NEW Century Battery


5 Speed Manual (R32 Box, No problems at all, good Synchros etc. Good for 250kw, and 1/4 the price of R33 box)

Short Shifter

Machined Flywheel


Standard Diff (Best Viscous centre i have driven)


ESPELIR Springs - High Quality Jap springs, with good handling and nice ride, not too stiff.

NEW KYB Shocks all round

Front and Rear Strut Bars

NEW Adjustable Castor Rods

NEW HICAS Removable Bar. Hicas has been fully Removed - Including all lines and pump, Running R33 Pwr Steer Pump.

NEW Various Nolathane Bushes - Like Upper front arms etc.


NEW Master Cylinder

Calipers painted in High Temp Red

NEW Front - DBA4000 Slotted Rotors with Project Mu Pads

Rear - Standard Rotors with NEW Ferodo Pads(best of their pad line)


LENSO Muse 17" in Bronze/Gold

Front Tyres - Brand NEW MAXXIS Z1 235/45/17

Rear Tyres - Near NEW FEDERAL 595 235/45/17


Custom Painted Centre Console and Instrument Surround

Custom Painted Seat Plastics, and Door Plastics(pwr window control panel)

MOMO Race Leather Sports Wheel

NEW SAAS Leather Gear Stick Knob

NEW Leather Gear Stick and Handbrake boots

HKS Boost Gauge - White Face, Lights up blue

APEXI Pen Auto Turbo Timer (Shows Battery, and 02 Voltage, and AFR)

NEW Cruise Control - Aftermarket, works beautifully

Kenwood 4x50W Stereo - Custom Mounted for Smooth Console Finish

Kenwood 6" Front Speakers - Custom mounted on MDF Panels under door skin

Kenwood 6" Rear Speakers - Installed in custom rear parcel tray

Brandt Alarm / 3 way Immobiliser with Microwave and Shock Sensors


The car has been very well looked after. Always warmed up and cooled down, washed and polished regularly, and serviced with synthetic oils every 5000kms. All work has been done to a very high standard. I still had grand plans, looking at an upgraded turbo, injectors and ecu, and was also looking at a custom respray. It is still the original paint, and as such is not perfect, having some chips, scratches and those seemingly unavoidable small carpark dents. There is also some fading on the top of the mirrors and slight bit on the bonnet. I like to be completely honest about these things, i hate being on the other side, to make time to see a car, and rock up to see it is nothing like how it was described. But overall it presents very well, and these things aren't noticable a few metres away from the car.

I am not desperate to sell, so please don't send through lowball figures. If i don't get reasonable money, i will look at storing the vehicle in my brothers garage for a couple of years, until i return from the bush. As i said, this is a very regretful sale, and if it wasn't for the transfer to an area(NW WA) that is all dirt and 4wd roads, i would keep her for sure.

There is probably more that i have forgotten... this will do for now.

Looking for a quick sale at $12500 neg.

Have a look at the attached photos. The car is located in Central West NSW, about 2.5hrs drive from Sydney. Can possibly deliver for Genuine Buyers.

Please contact me initially via this forum or PM, and we can take it from there.














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