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33 Gtr Gearbox Removal

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I am in the process of pulling my motor out, got the last two bolts to do and they are the two on the top of the bellhousing of the gearbox. I had a little go but to no avail, has anybody got any tips on the best way to approach these bolts. A 14mm socket is hard to get on and swing and I am having problems getting a ringspanner on the bolts from the top, cause when I turn the spanner slides up and off for some reason. Some people take the gearbox out with the motor, if it comes to that then I will, but I have heard of many not having to do that. thanks.

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yeah the easiest way is.....

jack under the rear of the gearbox.

drop the gearbox cross member and lower the gearbox until either the head hits the firewall or the attessa line at the rear is getting too tight (gtr only)

then grab 3 or 4x 1" extensions, a couple "wobble style" and a socket. run them along the top of the gearbox 1 hand on the socket to guide and the other on the rachet.

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I thought i'd do mine on a hoist to make it easier long story short. half my wiring unplugged a bent ratchet ring spanner and 2hours later i got it out.

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Lowering the back of the box and getting an extended socket with a couple of wobbly ones worked a treat, thanks everybody. Any advice on how to make your hands shrink for such jobs, gorrrilla hands aren't an advantage in this game.

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