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R33 Gts-t Brand New Tein Suspension

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Selling brand new Tein SUspension which i paid $1180 for with receit.

Sold my skyline over the weekend, so these have to go.

The TEIN Type Basic coilover is the absolute best entry level coilover available on the market! Unlike the cheaper coilovers that slider over your existing shocks, these are complete shock and spring replacements that are balanced and engineered for each other to give you a great ride and awesome handling! These coilovers come with pre engineered shocks for each unique vehicle to maximize suspension travel and dampening force. The TEIN Type Basic coilover is height adjustable, but the shocks are non adjustable.

The TEIN Type Basic coilovers are an excellent entry level coilover that takes the guesswork out of modifying your suspension! These complete coilovers come with both shocks and springs so you do not have to worry about your shocks blowing out because your car is too low, or finding the correct shock to support your aftermarket springs. Both the coilover springs and the shocks are made to be used together, offer a great balanced ride, and lets you adjust just how low you want the car. The TEIN Basics do not come with adjustable shocks, but you can still adjust the height quickly and easily!

Selling 900 ONO. Open to reasonable offers.

Looking for local sale only in melbourne

pm me wor give me a call on 0421 111 542


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