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1995 R33 Skyline (rego & Running)

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Item: 1995 Nissan R33 GTST Skyline

Location: Canberra ACT

Website: This one

Reason for Selling: Want something done or that i can drive now. Spent so much time on this one just over it... Keen for another turbo car pref but some me what you got...

Price and Payment Conditions: $11,000 neg Or swap

Extra Info:

Front Mount Intercooler

SuperSpark Coils

Pod Filter

Turbo smart BOV

Racing Radiator

Blitz Dual Stage Boost Controller

JVC Double Din Head Unit (DVD)

JVC 6" Fount Speakers

Pioneer Kevlar 6" Rear Speakers

4 Channel Amp

Monitor Mounted in dash as well

3 Guages in dash mounted

18" Rims

Resparyed Soiled Green Outside

Needs Side skirts & rear pods fitter

Top secert body kit (Front Bar, Side Skirts, Rear Pods)


Door Jams and boot Iners to be painted (Will supply paint)

Bonnet needs repair or replace (Its been dented on the front left then boged) Currently paint matt black (Nothin special)

The Body has been painted with Acrilic Green paint... it needs to have a little sand with 1500 grit sand paper

just to get it smooth and then a good polish with cut and polish to get it glossy

(Hasn't been done yet as i want to make sure the paint is good and hard)

I am slowly doing everything that needs to be done but will be asking more money for it as i get things done

3 Months ACT Rego.

Starts everytime with out an issue just rego it but it still sits in my garage.


Contact Details: Stuart 0448 666699 or [email protected]



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