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all of the above and the fact that he called it a "Baby Godzilla"....

yeah well that should deter anyone.....

what a joke

Non-turbo R32s can't be imported under SEVS - they don't meet minimum power/weight ratios.

is that a

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No turbo, blue/white GT badges would denote this also...


so all non-turbo GTS model skylines came with these badges ? ?

far out, when i first saw the listing and looking at the pictures, I was even convinced that because it has the hks hi-powah exhaust and stickers, that of course it was a turbo ! some poor not-quite-as-cluey sucker would easily fall for what's promised in the purchase.

damn dodgy kents. :)

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The plumbing in the engine bay got me thinking... Maybe this is one of those fabled HKS "seperate from induction" turbo kits, thought I best ask the very informed seller, does anyone know what the GAS stands for in all the Chassis codes he quotes??? Do JDM R32s come with NOS???

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This bloke appears genuine, I am certainly happy with his response to my enquiry, I am going to bid 11ty billion

Hey mate just wondering where the turbo and intercooler fit between the airbox and the throttle body??? Normally the induction setup would come out of the airbox, into the turbo, then forward into the intercooler, after which it would come back to the throttle body. Or is the turbo and intercooler a HKS "seperate from induction system setup" Have heard these are very powerful.

A: G'day, I do not know detail of after market parts on engine. A lot of peoples are saying this car was not Turbo but as Nissan Manufacture's production data said this car was fitted with RB20DET engine. However I happy to known we have a lot of Skyline expertise in Australia. For buyer, he or she will receive E-HCR-32 or R32 Single Turbo engine RB20DET original stock car product from Nissan Company and not from back yard garage. Thank you very much for your questions.

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