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Are R32 And R33 Gtr Sumps/front Diffs Interchangeable?

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Hey all

I am doing a motor build at the moment for my r32 GTR, and rather than taking the car off the road to pull down the existing motor, I am planning to build up a separate long motor and then swap them (with a 3.0 bottom end, but that's not relevant now).

I have already sourced a spare head, and am currently looking around for a sump/front diff assembly. A nice one came up recently but was for an r33 GTR, and I was reluctant to buy without knowing whether it will go straight into an r32 GTR.

Does anyone know if the parts are identical? Alternatively, has anyone dropped an r33 GTR motor into an r32 GTR body? If so are there any problems? Any advice appreciated.



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