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Wangan Sticker On Ecu & No Electronic Idle Screw. Stumped?


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Hey guys. Earlier today i was cleaning my AAC valve, using Insu's "Diy Aac Valve Cleaning & Idle Reset" guide (really good guide if your having idling issues). All was going well until i got to the part where i change the idle on the ECU. When i pulled out the ECU, i found two things odd. Firstly, there is a 'wangan' sticker on it (pictured below):



And Secondly, i dont have an electronic idle tuning screw. There is just a gap where its suppose to be.

This is what its meant to look like:


And this is what mine looks like:


Does anyone have any ideas of whats going on with my ECU???

Whats the wangan sticker about and why dont i have an electronic idle tuning screw???

Thanks, Matt.

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It may be an ST Wangan modified ECU.

They are based in Malaysia and are tuned by Jun Furukawa.

The logo is different so I'm probably wrong here, but it's a very mild possibility.

At the very least it's a modified ECU that's been calibrated to your car, so don't panic.

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I think it has also had the speed limiter removed and maybe rev limiter removed? seems quick for a "stock" car.

was gonna suggest a Bee R limiter mat but havent seen you in ages

and maybe a dyno run to check out the AFR's. maybe take it to Andrew Kuc when he is done with all the targa cars.

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yeah jack, no speed or rev limiter...hmm...well i gotta take it up to Kuc for the hundred thousand K service so will ask him about it then. I think your right, if its modded, then ill just get a BeeR limiter. Well see how we go.

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