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Stock V Aftermarket Intake Piping


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Hey guys i just bought my 34R and the engine is completely forged,rebuild and chipped with stock turbos running Low 240atwkw and high 280kwatw. All the components are top quality but what strikes me as odd is its running the stock metal twin pods with the gold short pipes that attach to the AFM. Even the intake piping is stock with rubber piping along it as well. Sure i know more then your average joe about cars but I'm no mechanic, and I'm sure the guy who build the car knew a lot more then me which leads me to assume that obviously the stock intake and piping does a good enough job. So is there any real benefit from replacing the pods and inake with steel pipes. I seen some people get the inside and outside of the metal that has the TWIN TURBO badge on it as is helps airflow from less friction. I must admit my bov and internal gates sound like wooden flutes its horrible will the steel intake piping change the sound?

From the information i have gathered i seems the best way to go is:

Arc Induction box and custom intake pipes?

But whats your advice about upgrading? Will the aftermarket piping change the stock from a sickly flute to something more badass and provide some real benefit on performance?

Please no smart arse comments i really want some real constructive advice from people who know there stuff, have been there and done it, as im sure this could also answers questions others may have in the future

let the learning begin!

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