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Nissan Cefiro... S15 Sr20t... Six Speed

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good evening all,

its finally time to say goodbye to my cefiro.. i did have it up for sale a couple of time but ended up keeping it... either way i spent a fair amount of time, money, blood sweat and tears into this... so getting to the point here it is...

a31 cefiro with about 75xxx kms on the clock from memory but the engine has just under 65xxx kms on it

s15 sr20det

six speed manual (yes one of the only six speeders in an a31)

near new clutch

modified tailshaft to fit

s15 LSD

tien springs front and rsr shocks and springs rear... these sit the car nicely and has a very nice ride

s15 full front and rear 5 stud and brake upgrade

3'' exhaust leading to a 5.5" apexi cannon (very nice sound)

Trust type R bov on custom intercooler piping

gt-r intercooler

blitz metal air flter

jdm balla bearing t28 s15 turbo on stainless manifold

full r32 gt-r interior with seats front and back

nardi steering wheel

trust boost guage with trust guage holder

sentral 20 water temp guage

comes with 16x8 16x8.5 mesh wheels with decent tyres

will also throw in a set od s15 tyres

the car is kitted in uras bodykit

flared front and rear guards (done professionally)

sprayed in mazda rx8 velocity red with a nice old pearl over it

not regoed but just spent a fair whack of money at the mechanics cleaning her up for a blue slip..

i have no time to work on this car anymore as imma at uni full time and also holding a ful time job down so want a smooth quick sale... might have forgot a few more things so will update later as i remember

so for now will leave the price at $13,500 negotiable or will swap for another car with cash adjustment either way




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