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Fmic, Induction Pipe And Boost Control

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Can anyone comment on whether or not these items combined are worth the money and will make a difference? Or any other recommendations would be great. They are for a stock R33 S2 GTsT with 3" Turbo back exhaust.

FMIC: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=150339173145

Induction Pipe: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=310135189610

Boost Controller: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...em=190300567393

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top one and bottom one. dont worry about the hard pipe. just make sure you mount the FMIC a bit higher or the bottom pipe will scrape kerbs (trust me, i got the same sort of setup)

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i have similar mods to what you want.

bought my stealth intercooler from just jap- cheap looking kit but does its job

bought a 70buck boostcontroller. looks like it holds boost pretty well.

bought front and rear strut braces from justjap- 100 bucks each. cheap but do the job.

and ill be buying that induction pipe soon. not so much for performance but just looks.

all cheap stuff and does the job fine. its not like im trying to build a track or drag monster so dont really need the brand name parts. if i had the money i might have bought the good stuff. but with all that stuff added up above, i would have only been able to buy a good electronic boost controller.

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i have similar mods to what you want.

ill be buying that induction pipe soon. not so much for performance but just looks.

all cheap stuff and does the job fine. its not like im trying to build a track or drag monster

Yes, agreed. I'm looking at mods that won't break the bank, be blatantly obvious or require cutting holes in any part of the Chassis/Body. The reason I mentioned the Hard Pipe is 'cause I read somewhere that the stock one will cave in if you draw too much suction through the standard air box and I'm not interested in a Pod Filter.

I do think that I'll spend a bit more and get a half decent front strut brace though. The rear one I've got looks pretty solid and is even adjustable.


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lol @ bungy cord for the sub box :blink:

i think the hard pipe intake increases the induction noise a little.

And you wont have any problem with the rubber pipe closing up under boost. you need a far bit for that to happen :wub:

Have been considering the hard pipe myself, purely for the sound.

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lol @ bungy cord for the sub box :wub:

Yeah, I'm laughing too. I only picked the car up last night so I have a couple of little things to do to it. I'm still thinking of how to mount it securely but still be easily removed. :blink:

I've found the most difficult part to source so far is a dashmat. Aunger do one but I'm trying to find a helpful retailer to order it in. Part number is ADM4192A(colour).

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yer i recon definetly get the boost control those things are great value for money...

Did you/do you recommend to remove the restrictors from the factory plumbing?

Edit: Yay....now I can edit

I bypassed the two stage solenoid today and I'm looking forward to installing the boost controller. The auto definately needs more low to mid range 'cause I'm already sick of having to rev it out to go anywhere quick. Too used to V8s I guess. lol...

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That's because not many old farts drive skylines :P
LOL Dashmat = FAIL.

Bl##dy Trolls :/

Didn't realise this was a test :)

Dashmat = Protect Dashboard from harsh sun = PASS :down:

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the induction pipe is a piece of shiit. installed it today. doesnt look like it hooks up with the BOV return but it doesnt hook up to the oil pipe to the head. had to get some new hose. shiit quality too. got it and it looked like it had been slid on a floor. no extra induction noise and no dose or anything like that. i suggest u get a custom one made up. just a couple of silicone adaptors, say 90degree bent 2inch to 3inch piece (guessing), to a 3 inch piece of pipe and another silicone joiner to the AFM. then just drill holes and weld on the extras u need.

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