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Wanted: A Decent Daily Around $8k


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Well I am just putting the feelers out for anything up to/around the $8000 mark. Currently I am located in Hobart but I travel to and from Burnie/Launceston as work and uni demands plus I have a few blokes in Melbourne and its surrounds who can ship anything they find to me. 

Will consider just about anything in pretty good condition that has a bit of grunt but doesn't have an obnoxious appearance. I am getting to the stage where I will be forced to buy a Commonhore - not good. 

Will also consider cars with body damage - I have the support of a panel beater.

Basically I am after something thats a bit fun but not powerful enough or showy enough to get me in trouble again... again...

Contact me via PM or call on 0400 796 308, PM preferred.

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