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370rwkw '95 R33 Gtst, 12,000 (dropped From 16,000) 153xxx Kms.

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ANY state, if you're travelling form outside of nsw it's yours for 10,000. will swap for a vy/vz sedan (plus cash for the right one) in the 6, auto or manual, i don't care.

THINGS WRONG: left headlight doesn't work, needs new tie rod end(s?) steering wheel doesn't fit, is on an angle (how i bought it off the last owner, haven't gotten around to purchasing a new one); if you buy i'll be happy to knock a new wheel off the price and the same applies for the rod end/wheel alignment.

MAKE: silver nissan skyline 1995 r33gtst with rb30/25det non vct

rego is due august, which i'll reknew early if someone buys it before august otherwise i won't.

ENGINE: tomei cams 10.2 lift

mahl pistons

acl race series bearings

argo rods

cometic head gasket

garret gt3540 with .82 rear

hks intercooler

3 inch exhuast with titanuim tipped cannon

rpm technoligies spring sprung ceramic button clutch

front facing plenum

sard 770cc injectors

bosch 044 in custom surge tank mounted in boot

spit fire coil packs

z32airflow meter

apexi power fc and hand controller

eboost 2

adjustiable cam gears on inlet and exhuast


18x9 ruff rims with new tyres on rear front tyres ok, brand new rears, dyno chewed them

greddy coilovers

hicas removed and lock bar is in place

new inner tie rod ends

0458225624 - 24/7 call anytime

[email protected]










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faster than a gun :P

didn't get ahold of my brother tonight, i'll see about the receipts/certificates though.

i'm aware that it's extremely cheap, but i just wanna get rid of it, before i do something stupid to myself, or such a great car.

edit: also got a pioneer 12" sub and 500W amp for an extra $100 bucks if anyone wants it those, not installed in the skyline, was but i took it out..so you'll be installing it yourself.

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22psi. goes to 35.

only got one sheet handy, which shows an old one of i think 278 or 287 kw, mum cleaned my car out whilst i was away for work and threw out everything in it..sounds like a load of bullshit but hey it's the truth, doesn't bother me if you believe it or not.

i'll upload the other sheet, not keen on doing another dyno just for a sheet of paper as we chewed out the rear wheels last time and it's not worth it.

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well i want 100% proof that it has 370rwkw otherwise theres not point making that claim. If i was to come and buy it i would want to see it on the dyno infront of me before i bought it. What do you think?

if you pay for it, deal.

brad, was done around 8000 k's ago.

/edit: maybe less.

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