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Phatt's Phast And Phurious


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Phatt Audio Concepts (PAC) Phast and Phurious Drive in

Phatt Audio Concepts are hosting a Cruise to Celebrate Fast and Furious 4

We’re calling on the owners of all cruisers, tuners, old and new skool alike... to make this the biggest night that Lunar Drive In has seen in a long time.

We will be honoured by the presence of the Alpine Imprint Nitro,

We will hopefully have one of the city’s best automotive photographers coming along as well to snap a few shots

And as always we will have plenty of giveaways...

There will be judges walking around giving Heaps and Heaps of giveaways from Alpine and Boston and more for the winning cars on display !!

Start Time: 02 May 2009 at 15:00

End Time: 03 May 2009 at 00:00


Lunar Drive In Cinema


South Gippsland Fwy


Dandenong, Australia

Email: [email protected]

We are hoping to rally the troops for a seriously fun night out and maybe even provide some networking oportunities for all our Phriends and Phamily alike...

...We have some seriously cool giveaways and we've organised 3 movies for ya'll to enjoy...

Entry price will be $19.50 per person at Lunar...

Meet Point will be Phatt Audio Concepts 1/11 Heland Place Braeside, Vic at 3:00pm

We're allowed access to the drive-ins at 5pm which gives us time to have a bit of a perve on each others rides as the sun goes down...

Invite and bring your friends but please so hooning or we won't invite you back...

*If Saturday looks like rain, event will be reshceduled for Sunday*

For more info send an email to

[email protected]

or send me a PM

Phatt Audio Concepts

Unit 1

11 Heland Place

Braeside Vic 3195

Ph: 03 9580 1282

Fax: 03 9580 1283


[email protected]


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GF will be down for a few days duirng that time and really wants to see the movie...might show up...yo Matt let me know if your going to be there

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