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Cruising -- Fuel Cut 1 Sec

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the car done 4000kms after engine rebuild. every thing is fine so far. just one little thing make me confuse.

when I cruising(about 2000-3000rpm). some time I can feel 1 sec fuel cut(maybe less then 1 sec) the car just shaked once, then its fine.. I'm not sure its fuel cut or other probelm. but its not often happend, probrbly once in 5 mins. but when i drive hard, never happend.

I have done the compress test, 6 cylinder: 150 150 155 150 155 155. which is fine my tuner told me.

maybe I'm too care of my car.

any idea?? car is 34gtr

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Yeah everyone has it. Although I thought it was mostly on 32-33 PFCs.

Theres a thread on it, it has about 1,000,000 replies with people who have this problem.

Just one of those things you have to live with.

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It's an ECU *feature* you need to get used to it, its more a "miss" at 2-3K RPM where it sorta stops processing for a fraction of a second then gets straight back onto it (which is really annoying!)

If you have a fuel cut for a full second you have an issue :)

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