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C33 Laurel Race Use Only Rb25de+tt On New Trailer

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I imported this from japan thru a wrecker, it was a drivable car, they had to remove the motor and trans to allow importation. was rb20e and auto.

chassi has done 92000kms, i have had it dynoed twice since completing it and have used it at one practice day, getting over the whole car thing.

The rb25de i sourced was fitted to a torana and come with bellhousing to suit toyota and the haltech - that was still in box. I fitted twin turbos, manifolds and all supporting oil water lines from r32 gtr which had had r33 turbos fitted, i modded the manifolds to allow fitment to rb25 head. I fitted rb26 injectors and moddified in let plenum to forward facing item, also utilising velocity stacks on runners. It has toyota w58 box with custom 1 piece tail shaft. Welded diff. I had issues with valve float on dyno first time round, so i sourced a full set of rb26 valve springs from performance springs( which are 30% heavy seat pressure that standard rb26) and fitted these, fixed problem. I also had clutch slipping issues with brass button clutch that came with motor so this has just been replaced with extreme motorsport item, rated to 300rwkw. short description, will list all items fitted. power = 228rwkr@14psi. If any issues arise with rb25 short block it is very simple to add rb30 under head and associated hardware to make a rb30dett. This was my long term plan.

The body of laurel is overall good, no rust. The roof has some scraps and small dent on left side due to damage done while being loaded into container. small dent in boot caused by me rolling it into work bench, front bar is off another car and has been glassed up on inside. it is a dark green colour and car is grey in colour- see picture

Trailer: brand new trailer, built march. 11 months rego. solid axels to allow low as possible deck height, 2400mm long aluminium ramps covered in ply - low with long ramps allows easy loading of low vehicles. Hydraulic over rider brakes, jocky wheel, rear LED lights, s13 mag wheels with good tread. will come with 2 x 2ton ratchet tie downs.

Cheap tow away package

Located South of Adelaide CBD

Am chassing $12000 as a tow away package

Can call me on 0415153163 or pm me on here

whats fitted to c33:

custom plenum - velocity stacks used

r33 gtr turbos, manifolds etc

custom ali intercooler pipe work and intercooler in front of radiator - minimal cutting to fit and short pipe work


2l catch can

rb26 valve springs - new

32mm copper radiator - better cooling than cheap thick ali radiators

twin au falcon thermo and shroud setup with twin relay wiring

rb26 injectors

new spark plugs gapped to 0.7

new power steer belt

new battery

new walbro 255lb/h in tank pump

new twin air filters

haltech e6k comes with old acer laptop and serial cable for tunning as haltech is older model and uses DOS

new extreme motorsport clutch just purchased and fitted cost $930

turbosmart manual boost controller

toyota w58 gear box with rod shop belhousing

new clutch master and slave cylinders

r33 clutch pedal box and pedal

exhaust is twin 2 1/2" off std dumps then merge under passenger seat to 1 3" and exits infront of left rear wheel

boost gauge,water tep and oil pressure guages mounted in custom ali centre consol

custom hydro hand brake

sports steering wheel and boss

sparco fixed back seat mounted to super low r33 sliding rail - standard passengers seat.

fully stripped interior except for door skins and top half dash.

all windows operational ( wern't when i got it)

cusco front coil overs with camber adjustment

JIC rear coil overs

Adjustable front castor rods

adjustable rear camber, toe and traction rods

5 stud conversion- just jap front hubs, r33 rear hubs - std brakes retained

welded r200 diff

wheels are weds 17x8 17x9 +35 tyres are 70% on front and not too good on rear


2 pairs of wheels - 17x9 +38 work equips and 17x9 +38 mesh wheels - tyres fitted but arnt to flash

And a worn reclinable sports seat



























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