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Adjusting The Dampening On Coil Overs ?

The Bogan

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G,day, Ive got G4 coil overs and I'm looking at trying to find the right settings for street and for track.

The pamphlet says FRONT-turn to the hardest then move back 1 full turn (7 clicks)

REAR- turn to the hardest then move back 2 full turns (14 clicks)

What happens if i go more/less, I'm driving on the street with the above settings, should i adjust it different for track.

Also they are Compression/Rebound adjustable, WTF.

Is this stuff they adjust when they corner weight it (which is what I'm spending my Rudd cash on :D )

Any info would help as I don't have a clue :) .

Thanks, Mark-yes i searched-Robbo.

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No the corner weighting just adjusts things so you've roughly equal weight

left to right with driver seated, and it does so by lowering or raising each corner a bit,

as far as I know you have to have an opinion on ride height, and then if camber

and so on is adjustable, that is done with that ride height set..

damper both bump and rebound is a black art good luck with any excursion away

from recommended settings. First question is: for what road surface do you want

to optimize? the first corner outside your house? or a favorite track?

on the whole though I think for a more compliant ride, everything (bump, rebound

on all four corners) all goes the same amount in the same direction from default.

And the opposite for a harder ride.

And if you run out of clicks, spring rates can be modified (by buying new springs).

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