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V35 Vq25dd Engine - Timing Belt Or Timing Chain?

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Hi guys,

I have heard differing stories about this. Some people on here seem to have mentioned that the V35 (specifically the VQ25DD engine for the 250GT) runs with a timing chain instead of a belt, which hence would not need replacing.

However, I have checked both in my V35 Skyline owner's manual (with maintenence schedule) and also under the bonnet, and in both places it says to replace the timing belt at 100,000km.

Does anyone here know for sure?

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maybe they mean engine belts, like what would have been called the fan belts except they are now thermostatically controlled or viscous controlled.

anyway, all VQ engines run a timing chain that probably wont need changing in the life of the engine if its looked after

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zei20l is correct.

Timing CHAINS for all VQ's.

Yes, under my bonnet it states timing belt change at 100,000kms... But I assure you, the VQ engine has a timing chain.

Why don't you call Nissan if you are still unsure?

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Thanks for this info. I guess I just struggle to understand why they would put that under the bonnet and also in the service guide if it wasn't necessary and they run a chain. That would seem strange.

I've asked Nissan many things regarding the V35/VQ engine, and frankly they have been pretty useless on every occasion so far.

But thanks for clarifying.

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I've asked Nissan many things regarding the V35/VQ engine, and frankly they have been pretty useless on every occasion so far.

Try a different dealership. :banana:

Or just change the vehicle reference to "350z"

Some know what they are talking about and find a imports interesting whereas others (the majority, unfortunately) just go through the motions.

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those manuals you get have probably been 'converted' from the R32/32/34 days and they neglected to change the timing belt thing because - well, i dont know why, but whatever the reason its wrong :)

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