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What "extras" Have You Added To Your M35?


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Just saw that we had a "what options did your M35 come with", so I figured I would start a thread that took the next logical step.

My M35 mods in order of fitting.

HiFlow OE turbo (unknown internals)

No different to stock with OE exhaust fitted.

Open up airbox

Doesn't run out of breath over 5000rpm

Dump-back exhaust (Kakimoto 80mm front pipe (de-cat) & Fujitsubo 76mm Legalis R exhuast)

Massive difference. Same power at 3200rpm (140awkw @ 0.8bar), 3600rpm-redline (much more power - sorry no dyno - @1bar).

Nismo LMX5 18x7.5's

Much better grip both accelerating and cornering (look great too!)

Tiptronic reversal

Logical tiptronic gear changes now

PA11 NIS iPod install

Can listen to MY music and not the crap Melbourne radio

PWR (6cyl) and Mishimoto transmission coolers running in parallel

Takes a little longer to warm up in the winter, but slightly snappier gear changes.

Nismo thermostat

Will open at 62C instead of 76C to keep engine running cooler

Purchased and soon to be installed;

Custom Race Radiators aluminium radiator

eManage Ultimate installed & tuned

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Hey 'Iamhe' I was just having a nosy at your post and I noticed you have an Emanage Ultimate to be installed. Can I say this was the best mod I have done to my car to date. I went from 163kw to 203kw at the wheels in my S2 C34 Stagea, this is on a Standard turbo with a Fujitsubo turbo back exhaust and Trust front mount.

I would be really keen to see what gains you would get I expect you would get considerably more with a highflow turbo. One thing I found out whilst tuning was that an Electronic Boost Controller makes heaps of difference in smoothing out how the boost comes on and also holding high boost levels I would certainly recommend getting one.

Also speak to Trent at Status tuning about getting the E-manage fitted he really knows his stuff. (If you haven't already)

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